Elie Wiesel: 50 Life Lessons from His Life and Work

Elie Wiesel: 50 Life Lessons from His Life and Work

by Patricia Karnowski


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Bestselling author and Nobel laureate Eli Wiesel has influenced millions around the globe with his lessons of compassion and love in the face of hardship. Born in 1928, Wiesel found himself in a fight for his life during World War II as he was persecuted for his faith and eventually sent to Auschwitz. Following World War II, Wiesel used his life to tell of the tragedies he witnessed in hopes future generations would not make the same mistakes.

I first discovered the works of Elie Wiesel in 1993 during a difficult period of my life. Starting with Night, and then moving onto And the World Remained Silent, All Rivers Run to the Sea, and One Generation After, I have found important life lessons within the words of Elie Wiesel's writing. It is from his works that I have become a more understanding woman and a more compassionate human being.

Eli's writing has so greatly influenced my life that in his resent passing I felt compelled to compile 50 life lessons his books have taught me. From becoming a more caring person, to have a better appreciation of the past, Eli's writing has had a monumental effect on how I view the world. I hope to instill upon you some of the lessons that I have learned throughout the years and demonstrate why Elie Wiesel is such a prolific and beloved writer. Come and join me as I go through 50 of my favorite Elie Wiesel quotes and share the important life lessons they have taught me.

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About the Author

Patricia Karnowski has dedicated her life to learning and studying life and cultures and history and religions and everything she possibly can. Professionally she is a practitioner of Oriental Medicine who specializes in helping men and women around the world suffering with infertility issues. She has a little blind and nearly deaf dog called Baby Girl who is always within 2 feet of her day and night.

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