Eliminated! Now What?: Finding Your Way from Job-Loss Crisis to Career Resilience

Eliminated! Now What?: Finding Your Way from Job-Loss Crisis to Career Resilience

by Jean Baur



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Eliminated! Now What?: Finding Your Way from Job-Loss Crisis to Career Resilience by Jean Baur

This book is the first work to tackle the hurdles on job loss and how to survive it, using the experience of a seasoned career counselor and specific stories from the wide range of clients she's partnered with in this erratic and often difficult process. The books ultimate purpose is to help those who are in transition become resilient and recession-proof.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781593578169
Publisher: JIST Publishing
Publication date: 11/01/2010
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Jean Baur is a Senior Consultant with the nation's leading outplacement firm, Lee Hecht Harrison, with 240 offices worldwide. She has partnered with thousands of clients to help them overcome job loss and recession-proof their careers. She is a writer with years of experience with Educational Testing Service and extensive freelance credits. She has also trained more than 10,000 middle and senior managers in presentation skills and business writing.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Working Toward Career Resilience vii

Part 1 It Can't Be Happening to Me 1

Chapter 1 The Shock 3

Chapter 2 Give Up Asking "Why"" 7

Chapter 3 Don't Hide Under a Rock 11

Chapter 4 Be Prepared for the Unexpected 15

Chapter 5 Reclaim Your Value 20

Chapter 6 When One Door Closes, Another May Hit You in the Head 24

Chapter 7 Beware the Information Age 29

Chapter 8 New Is Not Always Worse, Just Different 34

Chapter 9 Courage Is Keeping At It 38

Chapter 10 Making Progress 43

Chapter 11 Have Insurance for a Tricky Process 49

Chapter 12 In Her Own Words: Like a Divorce 55

Part 2 Myths, Lies, and Other Obstacles 61

Chapter 13 Lie: I'll Get the First Job I Apply For 63

Chapter 14 Obstacle: I Don't Have Enough Education (or I Have Too Much) 68

Chapter 15 Myth: I'm Too Old to Get a Job 73

Chapter 16 Myth: I Don't Have a Network (and Networking Is Creepy, Anyway) 78

Chapter 17 Obstacle: My Pride Is Hurt 83

Chapter 18 Myth: I Can't Ask for Help 88

Chapter 19 Lie: I'll Have a Job by Monday 93

Chapter 20 Obstacle: I'm Overqualified and Earn Too Much 97

Chapter 21 Myth: There Are No Jobs in the Summer or over the Holidays 102

Chapter 22 Myth: I've Worked for Only One Company, So No One Else Will Hire Me 106

Chapter 23 Lie: I Don't Have Time to Look for Work 111

Chapter 24 Myth: I Can't Get a Job If I Don't Have a Job 116

Chapter 25 Myth: I Can't Get Hired at XYZ Company Because They Just Downsized 121

Chapter 26 Myth: I Can't Get a Job in That Industry Because I Don't Have Experience in It 126

Chapter 27 Myth: I Can't Get a Job Because English Is Not My Native Language 131

Chapter 28 Myth: The Internet Is the Fastest Way to Get a Job 135

Chapter 29 In His Own Words: Courage and Persistence 139

Part 3 Turning the Corner, or The Way Forward 141

Chapter 30 How to Make Envy Productive 143

Chapter 31 Prepare for Interview Surprises 148

Chapter 32 Use Transition as an Opportunity 153

Chapter 33 Find the Courage to Pitch Yourself 158

Chapter 34 The Role of Luck, or How One Thing Leads to Another 162

Chapter 35 Survive the Interview Process 167

Chapter 36 Know Your Competitive Advantage 173

Chapter 37 Measure Your Progress 179

Chapter 38 When All Else Fails 184

Chapter 39 Motivating Others to Help You 188

Chapter 40 A Personal Story: From Volunteer to New Career 193

Chapter 41 In His Own Words: The Truth or Not 198


Appendix A Job Search Schedules 202

Appendix B The Target E-mail 204

Appendix C Search Maps 206

Appendix D Plan B 208

Appendix E Business Card Examples 209

Appendix F The Interview Map 211

Appendix G Implementation Timeline 213

Appendix H Suggested Reading 214

Index 215

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