Elite Swagger

Elite Swagger

by Glenn Bland


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Love, Hood fame, deceit plus riches equals betrayal. But no form of Revenge is more respected than SUCCESS. Although representing the Conservative Vice Lord Nation Dallas was nothing like his vicious Brother. After Monique, the only love he ever knew vanished a took everything he had with her. Dallas took the pain a hustled his way to Elite Hood Riches and a Mini real estate empire that introduced him to the Knockout Bad Bitch Latrice.
Sympathizing with the struggle of the single mother, Dallas drapes Latrice with Diamond Confidence and a Covert mission that Together they knocked Chicago's number 1 Vixen a together turned their collaboration into ELITE SWAGGER the most successful, classy and unique Black vixen magazine to touch shelves. The hot love, passionate sex, jealousy, and fame give you a classic dramatic scandal. Elite Swagger

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781546705611
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/14/2017
Pages: 472

About the Author

Glenn G-Code Bland, born July 29th, 1984 To Glenn Wallace Sr. and Brenda Renee Bland. Glenn was born a 3rd generation representative of the conservative vice lord organization founded on the Westside of Chicago's Lawndale area.
GCode always seem ahead of his time and had an instinct with comprehending and a charismatic aura that made him a born leader. After the tragic death of his mother, GCode dropped out of school in 8th grade and became deeply tied into the black mob in Chicago, which he rose to the ranks of a chief.
He experienced years of incarceration which he sculpted a molded his talent with the pen as an author and rap artist. Today Glenn GCode Bland has graduated from an 8th-grade dropout street thug to the CEO of Elite Publication the true American dream story. From the belly of America.

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