Eliza's Awakening

Eliza's Awakening

by Zaide Bishop
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Eliza's Awakening by Zaide Bishop

It is the eve of the Longest Night. Eliza Baker and the rest of Lord Jayden's servants excitedly prepare for the lavish festival as their masters enjoy a head start on the debauchery that awaits. Eliza's madly in love with Kell, a sweet, deliciously sexy guard. Kell returns her feelings, but is striving to make himself a worthy man before he asks Eliza's father for permission to court her.

To keep the Demon of Winter at bay, an offering must be made during the festival. As the event begins, Lord Kempsly informs Kell that he's offering a special sacrifice this year, and Kell must escort the girl who will offer up her maidenhood for the enjoyment of the crowd. Another guest will select the maiden, and Kell realizes to his dismay the guest is Lord Rakin, a rich and handsome rogue who has his eye on Eliza. But little do any of the men suspect the burgeoning desire the ceremony is awakening in Eliza…

15,000 words

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781426894114
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 07/23/2012
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
File size: 225 KB

About the Author

Born in 1985, Zaide is a shy Australian writer who spends an unhealthy amount of time reading thrillers and watching horror movies. She also loves cats and aquariums, and her house is dominated by both.


Zaide’s other interests include cooking, rock climbing, gardening, web design, photography and video gaming.


Zaide can be contacted via her website:

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Eliza's Awakening 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
AnnaNanner More than 1 year ago
Grade: C or 3 stars…Spicy story! Not for the faint of heart! Very hot read! This steamy historical romance novella is light on the romance, but heavy on the erotic content. It may push some people past their comfort zone, but the ungentle reader will appreciate the high steam factor. The servant class hero and heroine are likable and have some dimension. For the most part, Kell and Eliza serve as innocent participants to an evening of debauchery. The manipulation leading to the grand sacrifice may make readers uncomfortable, but with some suspension of belief the story is a spicy read. The events leading to their happy ending are unusual. Lord and Lady Kempsley’s motivations are a bit confusing. Their actions are high-handed and self-serving, yet are supposedly benevolent. Actions and situations may push boundaries, as consent is questionable at one point. Yet, the purpose of this novella is not to make a reader fall in love with the characters, but to titillate using a historical setting as a fancy backdrop. Eliza’s Awakening is Zaide Bishop’s debut novel. She dishes plenty of spice without excessive erotic situations. It seems many authors earn the erotic label by saturating their stories with too much explicit and redundant bedroom activities. Ms. Bishop avoids that trap. This book is NOT for the gentle reader. As mentioned earlier in the review, this story may push some readers beyond their comfort zone. Will I read Zaide Bishop’s work again? Yes. I would especially love a story about wicked Lord Rakin. This book is recommended to seasoned erotic romance readers who don’t mind having their boundaries pushed.