Ellanor and the Curse on the Nine-Tailed Fox

Ellanor and the Curse on the Nine-Tailed Fox

by K.T. Durham


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A year has passed since Elly the elf returned home to Alendria after being stranded in the human realm of Gaya. She has been undergoing exhaustive training with the Order of Kaizendil, and though she has learned to teleport, wield a sword, and use a bow and arrow with some skill, she is utterly terrified of the impending task that awaits her: to seek out the Four Guardians of Gaya in the hopes that they will restore the four poisoned orbs of power that sustain the Tree of Alendria. After a year's wait, the Order finally receives the first signal from Graille, the Guardian of Light. As Elly embarks on a dangerous journey in Gaya to find the Guardian, she gets caught in a web of intrigue that takes her all the way to Korea, where she meets an old woman and her grandson who turn out to be pivotal to the restoration of the first orb. Along the way, she learns of a deep, dark secret that the adults in her life have kept from her since her birth, a devastating truth about a girl named Goldie, who has been hiding out in London from her abusive foster mother for the past year.
In this second book in the series, Elly faces many vile enemies and challenges on her quest, and her path eventually converges with Goldie's ...

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ISBN-13: 9781504910712
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/22/2015
Pages: 346
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.72(d)

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