Ellenessia's Curse Book 2: The Seer's Tower

Ellenessia's Curse Book 2: The Seer's Tower

by Fran Jacobs


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Prince Candale has discovered the truth about himself at last. He is the Shadow Seer, foretold prophet of dark visions and fallen kingdoms. The witch Mayrilla tried to teach him control, but now she lies dead, struck down by Candale's own hand, and the ever-watching shadow has begun to talk.

It wants him to go the kingdom of Idryan, to the Seer's Tower, and tells him that what he will learn there will change everything. It promises rewards, if he obeys, but punishment if he does not.

But is it the voice of the demon, Ellenessia, that talks to him, a voice to be obeyed, or just the beginnings of Candale's prophecised descent into madness?

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ISBN-13: 9781548242503
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/21/2017
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

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Ellenessia's Curse Book 2: The Seer's Tower 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
KtLBLy More than 1 year ago
***THIS BOOK HAS BEEN GIVEN TO ME BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW***  This story takes place right after the first one left off. Candale still is having nightmares but their more tragic because he thinks that he is to blame for a very terrible crime he doesn’t exactly remember doing. His grandfather has hired a therapist named Nyvin who wants to help by having Candale take ice cold baths, take certain medicines that may help him sleep and not have nightmares and have  sessions with him to fully understand what is going on with him. One night Ellenessia comes to him and tells him to go to the Seer’s  Tower to get the information he desires. He talks to his father, Gerian, and Sorron about going but they both forbid it. Candale knows  that going will help him with a lot of issues going on so he thinks of way to go anyway. Gerian thinks that since Candale is 18 now he  should be on council meetings so he can understand and take over one day. King Sorron doesn’t want Candale to push himself too far so he says he can sit in on the meetings but he is not allowed to leave the castle. One day Gerian forces Candale to go horseback riding with him and his guards outside the boundaries where Candale was supposed to stay, and he tries everything to get out of it but Gerian still has him go. When they get back Sorron is very upset and thinks that Candale isn’t taking anything seriously from his sessions to his council meetings since he won’t listen to his warnings. Sorron makes him tell Gerian that he is thinks he’s being  pushed too hard and doesn’t think that going to meetings is a good idea which makes Gerian mad and says if he thinks he can’t do meetings then he is no longer the next heir to the throne. Candale is very upset but still knows he has to go to the tower to get help  and then his father won’t be so angry with him and understand more of what Candale is going through. So he along with Trellany, Teveriel, Silver, Willow, and Hazel they set out on a new quest to visit the tower and get answers.  This story is shorter than the first book but not short on adventure. There is so much that happens in this that I’ve laughed, I’ve been shocked, I’ve been upset and worried and just so happy. Candale is still a little awkward but still growing as a character, and finally figures out the truth about a certain characters feelings. He goes through so much with his nightmares, getting to his destination,  knowing the truth, and trying to find a way to get home again even knowing his family is going to be very upset with him. I’ve loved all  these characters since the beginning and I still love them now. They seem like real people with real problems and issues. They are all still young, confused and unsure of themselves at times. If you loved the first book or even liked it and were a little unsure of reading  the second, still give it a try. If you love the fantasy genre then I’d highly recommend this.