Ellie, Tellie And Mellie

Ellie, Tellie And Mellie

by Tacey Lynn Willis


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Ellie, Tellie And Mellie by Tacey Lynn Willis

Ellie the elephant and Tellie the tiger-lion are the most popular animals in the jungle. However, it takes the arrival of a very small mouse named Mellie to teach the two a very big lesson of courage and acceptance.

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ISBN-13: 9781452019031
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/18/2010
Pages: 28
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.07(d)

First Chapter

Ellie, Tellie and Mellie

Best Jungle Friends Forever
By Tacey Lynn Willis


Copyright © 2010 Tacey Lynn Willis
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-1903-1

Chapter One

Deep in the wild jungles, lives two cute and cuddly animals, who are the best of friends. One is an elephant, and the other, you're never going to believe this, is a Tiger-Lion. This means he is one half tiger and one half lion. That's cool right? Anyways, back to what I was saying, they are the best of friends and to make it even cooler, they are also neighbors.

In the orange house, is where Tellie the Tiger-Lion lives. Tellie is the most popular boy at school and everyone wants to be his friend. As a matter of fact, every single animal in the whole entire jungle wishes they were just like him. They all want to walk like him, talk like him, and dress exactly like him. Here are three reasons why:

ONE - Tellie has this deep, powerful singing voice, and everyone thinks that he will one day be a famous Rock Star.

TWO - Every year, for the past five years, he has won the Annual Pineapple Pie Eating Contest at the Harvest Jungle Festival.

THREE - He is always picked first for kickball at recess.

In the purple house is where the gorgeous Ellie the Elephant lives. Ellie is the most gorgeous and glamorous elephant in all of the jungle. Ellie is the most popular girl at school, and just like Tellie, everyone wants to be her friend. They all want to walk like her, talk like her, and dress exactly like her. Here are three reasons why:

ONE - Ellie is a very graceful and talented ballerina.

TWO - She has the biggest butterfly collection out of all her friends.

THREE - She is always the lead in the school play.

One rainy Sunday Tellie and Ellie were stuck inside all day long. They sat in silence as they watched Ellie's biggest nightmare unfold right before her very own eyes.

It was a mouse ... a mouse moving in to that house! Ellie looked as white as a ghost.

"I'm so scared," Ellie gently spoke.

"I know Ellie-Bellie, but don't you worry because I'm going to protect you," Tellie responded.

"Stinky, slimy, silly mouse! And not to mention that they are known for eating all of the snacks during recess time!" whined Ellie.

"That's not cool ... nope, not cool at all."

"Stinky, cheese smelling mice! My big sister told me that mice will climb up my nose, and stick a piece of cheese up there! Can you imagine having to smell cheese all day long?" cried Ellie.

"Not cool, nope, not cool at all my friend," said Tellie.

In the yellow house is where Mellie the Mouse now lives. Mellie has never been the most popular boy in school. No one wants to be like Mellie, and no one wants to be his friend. No one wants to walk like him, talk like him, or dress like him. Here are three reasons why:

ONE - Mellie was much smaller than all of the other animals.

TWO - Mellie wasn't good at singing or dancing.

THREE - Mellie was very fragile because of his size and couldn't participate in kickball during recess.

The next day, Mellie went to school for the first time. He didn't know any of the other animals, so at recess he decided to introduce himself to everyone. He saw Ellie and Tellie warming up for a game of kickball, and thought this was a perfect opportunity to say hello.


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