by L.A. Fiore

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Author's Note: Elusive's cover has a new look, but the story inside hasn't changed...a contemporary romance with modern day pirates.

I didn't set out to be a pirate.
Life for me was about surviving the ugliness that people knew existed but didn't talk about.
I lived in hell.
Then I saw her.
I knew I couldn't keep her, but for just a little while I had found heaven.

Eight years later, I can't get her out of my head.
It is a mistake sailing to her island.
She doesn't recognize me. Or maybe she does.
Closure, it is all I'm after.
Then my past comes back to haunt me.

She's thrust into my ruthless world. An angel.
A romantic who has a journal that leads to a shipwreck and a lost treasure.
She wants to find the ending to a love story that is over two hundred years in the making.
I want to help her find it.

I didn't set out to be a pirate.
I didn't set out to fall in love with an angel.
I did both anyway.

Elusive is a contemporary, modern day romance. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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BN ID: 2940158673627
Publisher: L.A. Fiore
Publication date: 07/13/2017
Series: Shipwreck , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 2 MB

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Elusive 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Abilicious More than 1 year ago
Can we talk about the serious book hangover I have now that I've read this book!? Holy cow! I was completely consumed by Willow and Noah. I didn't know I would have such feelings toward a pirate. L.A. Fiore does an AMAZING job of sucking her readers into the world of pirates and treasure hunters. She brings her readers ALL. THE. FEELS and consumes them by this adventurous, dangerous, sexy, sweet story. The characters had many layers to them and I enjoyed how things were brought to light, bit-by-bit. This was a fast paced story and I found myself not stopping to eat or do anything that pulled me away from it. The characters felt realistic and as a reader, I felt for them. Their struggles, their passion, I felt it all. The chase was fun and I held my breath along with Willow! The passion between her and Noah was intense and all-consuming. I wanted them to work out and not let outside forces keep them apart. The element of danger in this book, kept me on the edge of my seat. I had to know WHAT NEXT!? And I was completely thrown off guard as other things started to unfold. I don't want to ruin anything about this book for you. It's best to know it's about pirates and adventures await you! I HIGHLY recommend this read! It's definitely one that will stay with you long after THE END. I'm so looking forward to the next story in this series!
MBurton More than 1 year ago
Willow has spent her whole life coming second to her parents treasure hunting. The only constant in her life is her Grandad. When her parents flake on her graduation trip to Cancun, she decides to go by herself. She's living the motto her Grandad asked her too. "Live, love, be daring and reckless and most importantly be happy" This is where she meets Noah. The impact of Noah was more than she has ever felt in her life, but she knows there is more to him. She sees his intensity, the dangerous glint in his eyes but she doesn't care. She's living the motto and jumping in with both feet. What the author takes you on is an adventure of a lifetime. The story of these two individuals as they grow up and become the people shaped by circumstances beyond their control. I loved every adventure the author took us on with Noah and Willow together and separate. I ached for both characters to have something good in their lives. I yearned for Willow to have someone finally put her first. The unconditional love she displayed was beautiful. The goodness in Noah even when he couldn't see it himself. The places we get to read about would be an adventurers dream come true. The truth Willow sought about a long lost love torn apart hoping to bring them back together was beautiful and sad knowing she was seeking for such a love herself. I had no idea I'd be emotionally wrecked by this story. It was beautiful. It was fun. It left me wanting more. ARC provided by NetGalley.
IsaLaCroqueusedeLivres More than 1 year ago
It was hard to say goodbye. To Willow and Noah. To Alejandro and Isabella. ELUSIVE is about LOVE. Beyond centuries or beyond darkness. Against odds. It was an epic journey, with a dark and jaded hero, a hopeless romantic heroin, love stories, tragedies, betrayals, cruelty, the human being at its worst, but also at its best, with gestures of kindness and love that touch your soul and make you believe that, maybe, you’re allowed to dream about happiness. You’ll really have a hard time to close the book and leave those characters behind. **** ELUSIVE was my second book from L.A. Fiore. I fell in love with her writing with DEVIL YOU KNOW, so my expectations were very high, and she didn’t disappointed me. You know that awesome feeling, when you read a book and it’s like diving in a movie? ELUSIVE did that to me. Modern pirates, engulfed treasures and secrets, and two beautiful love stories. Alejandro and Isabella, Willow and Noah. The author has an incredible talent to write great characters and make us feel all kind of deep emotions. Noah is jaded, he witnessed the worst and it seems he finally embraced it to survive. Willow is a hopeless romantic and has always felt lonely, with absent parents travelling all around the world, searching for treasures. This book was a mayhem of emotions: survival, friendship, cruelty, betrayal, but also kindness and real love. Yes, Noah is dark and cold, but he still has his good heart. It has always been there, hidden and protected. His instant connection with Willow was like they were meant to meet, and share this magic night. Like their hearts were soul mates. Even for a few hours. And when fatality and years seemed to keep them definitely apart, destiny brings them back together. At least for “diving matters”… But it seems all those years weren’t enough to forget each other. Willows knows that Noah isn’t the same anymore, but still, she risks her heart, knowing he will be gone after their mission. He is a pirate, sometimes she seems to forget it and kind of romanticizes what he does for a living. He has blood in his hands, he is bossy, filthy and so sexy. I really enjoyed the fact the two love stories plot, the History, all the mystery around Isabella’s boat, I was turning the pages bracing myself for the day Noah had to leave Willow again, ad for good… It was hard sometimes to read what Noah and Snake had to face to stay alive, it was hard to see how fate / bad timing seem to have a good time keeping them apart, and yet, there were moments of pure tenderness, and of course hot passion (really steamy, girls), so many wonderful lines to quote, so many secrets and twists. I just didn’t want this story to end. A week after closing the book, I still want to go back there, where Alejandro and Isabelle wanted closure and Noah and Willow hoped what they shared that night, years ago, was meant to be so much more than two souls briefly crossing paths… I didn’t get the chance to read all the previous books, but after those two, I know I need to read them all. And of course, being ELUSIVE the first book of the new series, Shipwreck, I just can’t wait to read the next! L.A. Fiore is a MustRead / AutomaticallyAddHerBooksToMyList Author. I really hope she’ll get translated soon into French!
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
'Elusive' by L.A. Fiore is Book One of the "Shipwreck" series . This is the story of Willow and Kace/Noah. This book tells their story from when they were younger and how they grew to the people of today. Kace adn Willow didn't meet until 2009 when Willow took her Graduation trip without her parents who are usually off chasing treasure. So Willow went a head with her plans to go this trip alone just has her grandfather would have encouraged her to do so. There she meets Kace who they have a instant connection with. Kace has had a hard life growing up on the streets with his buddy Snake. Trying to move forward with his life but still living in the harshness of his life he meets Willow. A girl that is innocent and good. When they meet again the next day they end up spending the day and night together. Willow shows Kace some good in the world that helps to soften his hardness some. But they don't see each other again until years later. Neither one forgot the other and relived that day over and over. This was a great 'Second Chance at Love" story, along with some emotional writing that swept you into their story. This also had some adventures in their story. Loved it! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
Natalie_The_Biblioholic More than 1 year ago
Oh. My. Gosh! I want a pirate of my very own!! One exactly like Kace would be more than sufficient. Kace was orphaned during his infancy and grew up knowing a life of struggle, poverty and hardship. He eventually found family when he became best friends with Snake at the tender age of 14. Having someone at his side didn’t necessarily make his life any easier. He was still vulnerable, still poor, still finding his meals out of the trash, but at least he was no longer alone. Time and circumstance and the serendipitous meeting of more lost boys created a crew and these men made the best pirates EVER!! Willow came from an affluent two-parent household but she always came second to their love for hunting ancient artifacts. Her parents were famous treasure hunters (think Indiana Jones) and left her alone for the majority of her upbringing. She had a very loving grandfather, who encouraged her to follow her dreams and her heart, but loneliness was a constant companion, a dark shadow that literally haunted her every step. Their lives change drastically after a chance encounter while Willow is vacationing in Cancun. Through her, Kace witnessed a new normal, one that he wanted to hold onto with both hands. Their connection was instantaneous and was proven to be stronger than time or distance. Willow was innocence, grace, goodness and mercy. Kace was brooding, dangerous and extremely sexy. They each fit like the missing half of the other’s soul. With Elusive , the author gave us a story full of intrigue, suspense and adventure. She also gifted us with an epic love that spanned years. One chance meeting cemented a bond between Kace and Willow and lived within their souls forever. Even when they thought they would never see each other again their hearts refused to let go. It’s a story that makes me believe that dreams can come true, that there is always a reason to hope for a love of a lifetime. It’s a story that made the journey seem not only real, but absolutely worthwhile. L.A. Fiore is a brilliant storyteller. She took a relatively undiscovered concept, at least in the romance world - pirates - and made it all her own. I’m sure other romance authors will one day write their own pirate stories, but I can promise you that they won’t have as profound an effect on me as this trailblazer did. Release Date: July 21, 2017 Genre: Contemporary Romance POV: Dual - 1st person Heat: 4 out of 5 Type: Standalone - Book 1 of the Shipwreck series