Elvis: '68 Comeback Special [50th Anniversary Edition]

Elvis: '68 Comeback Special [50th Anniversary Edition]

by Elvis Presley

CD(Anniversary Edition / with Blu-ray / with Booklet)

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Release Date: 11/30/2018
Label: Sony Legacy
UPC: 0190758840222
catalogNumber: 588402
Rank: 25100


Disc 1

  1. Trouble/Guitar Man
  2. Medley: Lawdy, Miss Clawdy/Baby, What You Want Me to Do/Medley: Heartbr
  3. Medley: Where Could I Go But to the Lord /Up Above My Head/Sa
  4. Medley: Blue Christmas /One Night
  5. Memories
  6. Medley: Nothingville/Big Boss Man /Guitar Man/Little Egypt/Tr
  7. If I Can Dream
  8. It Hurts Me [Ta
  9. Let Yourself Go [Ta
  10. Memories
  11. If I Can Dream

Disc 2

  1. That's All Right
  2. Heartbreak Hotel
  3. Love Me
  4. Baby, What You Want Me to Do
  5. Blue Suede Shoes
  6. Baby, What You Want Me to Do
  7. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
  8. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  9. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
  10. Blue Christmas
  11. Trying to Get to You
  12. One Night
  13. Baby, What You Want Me to Do
  14. One Night
  15. Memories
  16. Heartbreak Hotel
  17. Hound Dog
  18. All Shook Up
  19. Can't Help Falling in Love
  20. Jailhouse Rock
  21. Don't Be Cruel
  22. Blue Suede Shoes
  23. Love Me Tender
  24. Trouble
  25. Baby, What You Want Me to Do
  26. If I Can Dream

Disc 3

  1. Heartbreak Hotel
  2. Baby, What You Want Me to Do
  3. Introductions
  4. That's All Right
  5. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  6. Baby, What You Want Me to Do
  7. Blue Suede Shoes
  8. One Night
  9. Love Me
  10. Trying to Get to You
  11. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
  12. Santa Claus Is Back in Town
  13. Blue Christmas
  14. Tiger Man
  15. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
  16. Memories
  17. Heartbreak Hotel
  18. Hound Dog
  19. All Shook Up
  20. Can't Help Falling in Love
  21. Jailhouse Rock
  22. Don't Be Cruel
  23. Blue Suede Shoes
  24. Love Me Tender
  25. Trouble/Guitar Man
  26. Trouble/Guitar Man
  27. If I Can Dream

Disc 4

  1. I Got a Woman
  2. Blue Moon/Young Love/Oh, Happy Day
  3. When It Rains It Really Pours
  4. Blue Christmas
  5. Are You Lonesome Tonight?/That's My Desire
  6. That's When Your Heartaches Begin
  7. Peter Gunn Theme
  8. Love Me
  9. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
  10. Blue Christmas/Santa Claus is Back in Town
  11. Danny Boy
  12. Baby, What You Want Me to Do
  13. Love Me
  14. Tiger Man
  15. Santa Claus Is Back in Town
  16. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
  17. One Night
  18. Blue Christmas
  19. Baby, What You Want Me to Do
  20. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
  21. Blue Moon of Kentucky

Disc 5

  1. Nothingville (Guitar Man's Evil No. 1)
  2. Guitar Man (Guitar Man's Evil No. 1)
  3. Let Yourself Go, Pt. 1 (Guitar Man's Evil No. 2)
  4. Let Yourself Go, Pt. 2 (Guitar Man's Evil No. 3)
  5. Guitar Man (Escape No. 1, Fast)
  6. Big Boss Man (Escape No. 3)
  7. It Hurts Me, Pt. 1 (Escape No. 4)
  8. It Hurts Me, Pt. 2 (After Karate No. 1)
  9. Guitar Man (After Karate No. 2)
  10. Little Egypt (After Karate No. 2)
  11. Trouble/Guitar Man (After Karate No. 3)
  12. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child/Where Could I Go But to the Lo
  13. Up Above My Head/Saved (Gospel No. 2)
  14. Saved (Gospel No. 3)
  15. Trouble/Guitar Man
  16. If I Can Dream
  17. If I Can Dream
  18. Memories /Vocal Overdub No. 1
  19. Let Yourself Go

Disc 6

  1. Elvis NBC TV Special Originally Broadcast on December 3, 1968
  2. Black Leather Sit-Down Show No. 1
  3. Black Leather Sit-Down Show No. 2
  4. Black Leather Stand-Up Show No. 1
  5. Black Leather Stand-Up Show No. 2

Disc 7

  1. Trouble/Guitar Man TV Show Opener [All Takes and Raw Co
  2. If I Can Dream TV Show Closer
  3. Huh-Huh-Huh Promo
  4. Elvis Closing Credits Without Credit Roll
  5. If I Can Dream Special Music Video 2004
  6. Gospel Production Number: All Takes and Raw Components
  7. Guitar Man Production Number: All Takes and Raw Components
  8. Blu-ray Special Feature Re-Cut

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Elvis Presley   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals
Casey   Guitar
Pete Christlieb   Saxophone
Anthony Ortega   Saxophone
Don Randi   Piano
Scotty Moore   Guitar
Darlene Love   Vocals,cast
Leonard Atkins   Violin
John Audino   Trumpet
Tom Bahler   Vocals
Hal Blaine   Drums
Thelma Beach   Violin
Paul Bergstrom   Cello
Gene Cipriano   Saxophone
John Cyr   Percussion
Frank DeVito   Bongos
D.J. Fontana   Drums
Billy Goldenberg   Performing Ensemble
Mitch Gordon   Vocals
Francis Howard   Trombone
Fanita James   Vocals,cast
Jean King   Vocals,cast
Larry Knechtel   Bass,Keyboards
Marvin Limonick   Violin
Leonard Malarsky   Violin
Gene Merlino   Vocals
Tommy Morgan   Harmonica
Thurl Ravenscroft   Vocals
Frank Rosolino   Cello
Emmet Sargeant   Cello
Sally Stevens   Vocals
Tommy Tedesco   Guitar
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Ambrose Russo   Violin
Sidney Sharp   Violin
Jack Gruberman   Vocals
Joe Eich   Vocals
Frank Howren   Vocals
Dean Parker   Vocals
Bill Lee   Vocals
Manny Stevens   Trumpet
Charles Berghofer   Bass
Joseph Stepansky   Violin
Ronald Hicklin   Vocals
Richard Noel   Cello
Oliver Mitchell   Trumpet
Mike Deasy   Guitar
Julie Rinker   Vocals
Alexander Murray   Violin
Christine Walevska   Cello
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Eleanor Saltkin   Cello
Ernst Tack   Cello

Technical Credits

Joe Hill Louis   Composer
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Anthony Raffaele   Colorist

Customer Reviews

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NBC-TV Special ['68 Comeback] 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The BlueRay version of the 68 comeback special is not what most people would expect to be high resolution or HD. On the back of the product, it states "Standard definition 4:3 on Blu-ray for the first time". Well, Blu-ray is not the standard definition but the high definition everyone commonly expects and the standard definition can be purchased on DVD. So its doubtful that the 68 Comeback Special was converted to high definition. Amazon does not offer the product. It is a shame that the producers are misleading the fans. It may be a complete mistake but I doubt it. If you do not have a copy of the DVD version of the 68 comeback special then buy it and hopefully, they will come out with the High Definition version. Elvis performance and personality shines in the historical TV special. You will enjoy it.
bnbillybob More than 1 year ago
The King's comeback was an amazing success. After grinding out one lighthearted musical after another, Elvis Presley was becoming another relic of the `50s and his career was teetering on the brink of disaster. He tumbled from the top of the entertainment mountain to almost anonymity. The `68 Comeback Special added another dimension to this incredible performer and he reclaimed his rock `n' roll crown! An absolute must for diehard Elvis fans like myself, or anyone interested in pop culture. Sit back and enjoy!
NumberOneElvisFan More than 1 year ago
I ordered this thinking it was the DVD, but I have the music and it is Elvis at his very best. I would recommend this CD set to anyone who is a fan, and especially to those who have never actually listened to his music..