Ely Air Lines: Select Stories from 10 Years of a Weekly Column: Volume 2 of 2

Ely Air Lines: Select Stories from 10 Years of a Weekly Column: Volume 2 of 2


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Since 2007, readers have enjoyed engaging articles weekly in Ely Air Lines. Co-authors Mike Ely and Linda Street-Ely have collected 100 stories from the first 10 years of their column that explore the realm of the flyer's world, and complied them into a two-volume set. Buckle up and fly with Mike and Linda to discover amazing people, interesting places, and the conquest of flight.

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ISBN-13: 9781947677036
Publisher: Paper Airplane Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 02/16/2020
Pages: 330
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Mike Ely has logged many thousands of hours over more than forty years as a professional pilot. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with multiple type ratings and a Flight Instructor certificate. Mike has taught people to fly in small single engine airplanes and gliders, and several types of turboprops and corporate jets. As freight pilot and an international corporate pilot, he has flown through all kinds of weather, to many places, both exotic and boring. His love for writing was instilled by his father at an early age.

Linda Street-Ely is an award-winning author and has written several books and hundreds of articles. She holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate, along with a tailwheel endorsement and commercial seaplane certificate. She has air raced all over the U.S. since 2007, including four times in the historic Air Race Classic. Together, Linda and Mike are "Team Ely," five-time National Champions of the Sport Air Racing League, racing their Grumman Cheetah, named the "Elyminator," and dubbed "The Fastest Cheetah in the Known Universe." Besides flying, she loves to travel the world, meet people, and learn about other cultures.

Table of Contents

How Flying Stories Happen: A Dedication


1. Sport Air Racing

2. The Texoma 100: The Elyminator versus the E-Linda-Nator

3. The Great Northwest

4. AirVenture Cup

5. Adventures with Air Race Classic

6. The Checkered Flag in Kerrville

7. A Fly-In Weekend 53

8. Fly-In Campouts 59

9. The School Superintendent’s Flying Family

10. Fisk Arrival

11. Pitts and Pumpkins

12. Whispers to My Spirit

13. David Slack: Missionary Pilot

14. Mission Flying

15. Mel Hemann, Flying Priest

16. Alverna Peterson, Flying Grandma

17. The Flying Queens

18. Katie Jarrett Is Not a Monkey

19. No Rush Like It!

20. The Priest Who Kept on Knocking

21. See Ya Later, Alligator!

22. Of Turtles and Hares

23. Feeling at Home in Jerome

24. No Clowning Around

25. Olives, Airplanes, and Taste

26. Cookies on a Plane

27. Sweet Rewards

28. Boyhood Dreams

29. Camp!

30. Eagle’s Nest

31. Time with Dad

32. Pointing the Way

33. Funny Intersection Names

34. Cliff Hyde’s Monumental Face-Off

35. Still Guiding His Town

36. For Daring Young Men

37. As Yet Undreamed

38. A Cloud That Looks Like a Puppy

39. The Pilot’s Eye

40. Mark Griffith, Airplanes, and Bolero

41. The Sound of Flying

42. Painted Places

43. Airplanes in the Movies

44. Audio Stardom

45. A Sculpted Life

46. Nixon in China

47. Flying Farmers

48. Anderson Greenwood

49. Banner History

50. The New Idea

51. Plane Truth

52. Thank You for Flying with Ely Air Lines!

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