Email Essentials: How to Write Effective Emails and Build Great Relationships One Message at a Time

Email Essentials: How to Write Effective Emails and Build Great Relationships One Message at a Time

by Shirley Taylor


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ISBN-13: 9789814771726
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd
Publication date: 10/07/2017
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 510,087
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Shirley Taylor is a leading authority in modern business writing and communication skills. She is the author of numerous successful books on communication skills, including titles in the ST Training Solutions ‘Success Skills’ series as well as the international bestseller, Model Business Letters, E-mails and Other Business Documents, which is now in its sixth edition, having sold almost half a million copies worldwide.

Shirley conducts her own popular workshops on business writing and e-mail, as well as communication and secretarial skills. She puts a lot of passion and energy into her workshops to make sure they are entertaining, practical, informative, and a lot of fun.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Assess Yourself 10

1 Email - The Pitfalls and Potential 15

The impact of email on business 15

Why do we love email? 19

Why don't we love email? 21

Email enhances efficiency 26

Handheld electronic devices 28

What goes wrong in written communication? 30

Turning problems into potential 31

International considerations 34

Star Tips for making the most of email 35

2 Managing Your Mailbox 36

Seven deadly sins of email management 37

'You've got mail' flow chart 38

Receiving mail 39

Processing mail 39

Auto-reply messages 43

Using folders 44

Using filters (or rules) 44

The benefits of being organised 46

When not to use email 47

Star Tips for effective email management 50

3 Nurturing Your Email Netiquette 51

Seven deadly sins of email netiquette 52

First impressions are important 53

Basic grammar 54

Punctuation made simple 54

Electronic emotions 59

Abbreviations 61

Before you hit 'Send' 63

Star Tips for nurturing your email netiquette 65

4 Looking Good Online 66

Seven deadly sins of message preparation 67

CC and BCC 67

SMART subject lines 68

When writing a subject line, think long-term 71

Keep your subject lines positive 74

Greetings (or salutations) 75

Ending your message 78

Signatures 80

Fun final thought on greetings and closings 82

Disclaimers and confidentiality clauses 83

Attachments 84

Star Tips for looking good online 86

5 Writing Great Emails 87

Seven deadly sins of business writing 88

Top 10 complaints about email in practice 88

Four rules of great email writing 93

The golden rule: Write as you speak 97

Compose CLEAR messages 99

Yesterday's versus today's business writing 101

Writing with heart 104

Benefits of great writing 106

Star Tips for writing great emails 107

6 The Power of Plain English 108

Seven deadly sins of plain English 108

What is plain English? 109

Benefits of plain English 110

The Plain English Campaign 111

Plain English means using active voice 112

Plain English focuses on verbs 114

Plain English means using 'you and we' 116

Plain English does not contain clichés and buzz phrases 117

Quick check to make sure you are using plain English 118

Star Tips for using plain English 120

7 Building Great Relationships One Message at a Time 121

Seven deadly sins of online communication 122

Using email to build relationships 123

Creating a real bond 124

Tips for building great relationships 124

Let readers hear your voice 126

Let your readers sense your smile 128

Why should you care what people think? 130

Email can affect careers 132

Star Tips for using email to build great relationships 134

8 Touching Up Your Tone 135

Seven deadly sins of email tone 136

How readers could misinterpret tone 137

Right or wrong tone - what happens? 139

Irritating expressions to avoid 139

Practise your positivity 141

Keep it courteous while keeping it brief 143

Is your writing warm or cold? 146

Another example of positive/negative tone 147

Last word on tone 148

Star Tips for touching up your tone 149

9 Planning and Structuring Messages 150

Seven deadly sins of planning and structuring messages 151

Seven steps to success in planning messages 152

The Four-Point Plan for structuring messages logically 155

The Four-Point Plan in practice 161

Using lists and bullets 163

Star Tips for planning and structuring messages 170

10 Formulas and Sample Emails 171

The Four-Point Plan 172

Formula 1 Request for information 173

Formula 2 Reply to request for information 174

Formula 3 Good news message 175

Formula 4 Bad news message 176

Formula 5 Making a complaint 178

Formula 6 Replying to a complaint 179

Formula 7 Writing reminders 180

Formula 8 Saying 'no' nicely 182

Formula 9 Follow-up message to a potential client 184

Formula 10 Persuasive messages 186

Index 188

About the Author 190

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