Email, Networks and the Internet

Email, Networks and the Internet

by Stephen Mason




Networked communications covers a wide range of hardware and software and the law relating to their use in the workplace is complex. The work Email will simply no longer describe the issues that face employers and their IT managers. A non-exhaustive list includes:
. Facsimile transmissions
. Voice over internet protocol
. E-mail
. Use of the internet
. files
. Employee blogs
. Computers and laptop
. P2P
. Instant messaging
. MP3
. Newsgroups and chat networks
. Mobile telephones, personal digital assistants and Blackberry

The law - from contract, through potential criminal and civil disputes, to specialist IT law - is hugely complex for lawyers let alone those who have to work with it. Stephen Mason's unique guide is admirable in cutting through the legalease with superb examples that explain as well as illustrate.

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