Embers of Dawn

Embers of Dawn

by Patricia Matthews




Charlotte King struggles to bring her family back to prosperity in the terrible aftermath of the civil war. Her brother, a Confederate soldier, has returned home maimed, embittered, and addicted to drink. Her only hope is to get a good price for the farm’s last tobacco crop, enough to enable her to make a fresh start. She bravely sets off with horse and wagon to sell her tobacco to rural storekeepers. On her way she meets Ben Ascher, a quiet, determined young merchant, and Clint Devlin, a restless, flamboyant gambler and promoter. Together the three form a tobacco company offering an innovative new product: rolled cigarettes. Charlotte refuses to be tied down: she will make no commitments until the company is a success; but both men want her love, and their jealousy nearly destroys the company—even without the sabotage inflicted by their competitor, a man who hates Charlotte King and has sworn to destroy her.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780553231076
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/28/1981

About the Author

Patricia Brisco Matthews (1927-2006) was a best-selling author of historical romance as well as mystery and gothic novels. She published her first historical romance in 1976 and achieved great popularity over the next decade, becoming known as “America’s First Lady of Historical Romance.” Under an agreement between her family and Vintage Romance Classics (an imprint of SpringStreet Books LLC), eight of her most enduringly popular romance novels are now available for the first time as ebooks.

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