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Embers: A Sword & Sorcery Novel

Embers: A Sword & Sorcery Novel

by Paul J Bennett


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There is no sanctuary for those who are hunted!

Natalie and Athgar are safely ensconced in the sleepy town of Ostermund when a chance encounter leads them on a trail of deceit that implicates an old ally.

After discovering who is behind the plot, they must make a choice, stay hidden or risk everything in the name of friendship!

Athgar, descendant of a vanquished people, wants only to protect that which he holds most dear.

Natalia, now secure in her powers, seeks peace, but the ever-growing shadow of the family threatens all she has fought for.

Together, they embark on a path where even their success could spell defeat, for this battle may start a war that none can stop.

Immerse yourself in a land steeped in magic and mystery as Paul J Bennett's The Frozen Flame series continues in his newest tale, Embers!

Be prepared for adventure when you pick up your copy of Embers today!

New to the series? Get to know Athgar and Natalia in their origin stories, Into the Fire & The Awakening, then pick up Ashes to learn how they meet!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781989315637
Publisher: Paul Bennett
Publication date: 04/17/2020
Series: Frozen Flame , #2
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.68(d)

About the Author

Paul J Bennett (b. 1961) emigrated from England to Canada in 1967. His father served in the British Royal Navy, and his mother worked for the BBC in London. As a young man, Paul followed in his father's footsteps, joining the Canadian Armed Forces in 1983. He is married to Carol Bennett and has three daughters who are all creative in their own right.

Paul's interest in writing started in his teen years when he discovered the roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons (D & D). What attracted him to this new hobby was the creativity it required; the need to create realms, worlds and adventures that pulled the gamers into his stories.

In his 30's, Paul started to dabble in designing his own roleplaying system, using the Peninsular War in Portugal as his backdrop. His regular gaming group were willing victims, er, participants in helping to playtest this new system. A few years later, he added additional settings to his game, including Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, World War II, and the all-important Fantasy Realm where his stories take place.

The beginnings of his first book 'Servant to the Crown' originated over five years ago when he began running a new fantasy campaign. For the world that the Kingdom of Merceria is in, he ran his adventures like a TV show, with seasons that each had twelve episodes, and an overarching plot. When the campaign ended, he knew all the characters, what they had to accomplish, what needed to happen to move the plot along, and it was this that inspired to sit down to write his first novel.

Paul now has four series based in his fantasy world of Eiddenwerthe, and is looking forward to sharing many more books with his readers over the coming years.

Table of Contents


Title Page

Map: The World of Eiddenwerthe

Map: The Duchies of Kreighoff and Holstead

1. Morning

2. Breakfast

3. About Town

4. Into the Mountains

5. The Discovery

6. The Hut

7. The Return

8. Ostermund

9. Belgast

10. The Journey Begins

11. Soldiers

12. Caerhaven

13. The Father General

14. The Plan

15. Opportunity

16. The Duke’s Estate

17. The Secret

18. The Expert

19. Schoenbach

20. Break-in

21. Escape

22. The Dwarf

23. Ord-Kurgad

24. Defence

25. Outriders

26. Infiltration

27. Preparation

28. Surrounded

29. Assault

30. Cordelia

31. Attack

32. Death

33. Aftermath


Servant of the Crown - Prologue

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