Embraced by Blood

Embraced by Blood

by Laurie London

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ISBN-13: 9781459207714
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 07/01/2011
Series: Sweetblood Series , #2
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 508,736
File size: 777 KB

About the Author

Laurie London grew up near Seattle, Washington, and graduated from Western Washington University with a B.A. in Business Administration. After working as a programmer/tester and as an underwriter for a Fortune 500 company, Laurie now writes from her home in the Puget Sound area where she lives with her husband, two children, her faithful dog, and her horse.

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Gale-force winds blew in from Bellingham Bay, tunneling rain between the darkened lecture hall buildings like a raging river. Red Square in the middle of campus should've been deserted at this time of night.

A lone student dashed under the covered walkway of Haggard Hall and slipped off a heavy backpack. It hit the bricks with a splatter.

In the shadows behind her, a dark figure watched her movements with interest. He didn't bother stepping deeper into the doorway—the darkness rendered him invisible to humans.

Alfonso Serrano sniffed the air and let his pupils dilate with hunger.

Don't they tell students, especially the female ones, not to walk alone at night?

Fortunately, there were always a few who didn't follow directions.

Breathing hard, the student brushed off her rain-sodden hood and swiped her nose with the back of her hand.

Alfonso moved a step closer and reached for her.

But when she grabbed a cell phone from her pocket, he hesitated and dropped his outstretched arm. If she made a call, he'd wait. If she texted, he'd continue.

She brought the phone to her ear, and he retreated into the seldom-used doorway, careful not to disturb the waterlogged pile of leaves in the corner. Stuffing his hands deep in his pockets, he clenched them into fists to stop the tremors. Her call had better be quick, otherwise he was likely to drain her dry when he struck. Four weeks between feedings was way too long.

She yelled into the phone and he bristled at her harsh tone. Fighting the urge to plug his ears, he rethought his decision to wait. He didn't know how long he could listen to this.

As she carried on her heated conversation, a blast of wind swirled around him, blowing his chin-length hair into his eyes. He pulled out a knit skullcap, stretched it over his head and tucked the hair beneath it.

But when the damp wind changed direction, it brought with it an odd smell. A sickeningly sweet odor, like that of rotting meat, and he froze.


He scanned the darkness and unzipped his coat with quiet precision. From a leather sheath strapped to his chest, he eased out two silver kunai and held them by their rope-twined grips. The custom-made weapons, small but deadly, were designed to be thrown. They fit perfectly in his hands, like the contours of a lover.

What were Darkbloods doing in Bellingham? The Alliance didn't normally set up cells in small northern towns like this. There weren't enough people and, given the low ultraviolet index, the residual energy level in the indigenous population was too low to make it worth their trouble.

Christ, that was why he'd moved here. To be far away from them.

Staying in the shadows, Alfonso crept to the next doorway, trying to pinpoint their location. The scent came from the far side of the square, but he didn't have a visual yet.

It shouldn't have surprised him they were here. Logic said they'd move in eventually. Expanding the DB power base among law-abiding vampires was one of the Alliance's primary objectives. However, it wasn't as if Bellingham was a hotbed of activity. Of the vampires who lived in the region, most were concentrated near Seattle and Vancouver. Not in small college towns.

And then another possibility dawned on him.

The smell might not be from an ordinary Darkblood.

It could be his blood assassin.

A glacial calm filled his veins as he fingered the handles of the identical knives and looked out into the night again. Puddles of standing water rippled in the howling wind, reflecting the light of the streetlamps scattered around the drained fountain. A paper coffee cup tumbled toward him and lodged behind his heavy work boots.

What a fool he'd been to think he was out of the Alliance's reach. You couldn't do what he did and expect to get away with it. But, Jesus, he thought he'd been so careful moving to this remote town.

The sound of the girl's voice drew his attention once more.

"Listen, Ryan, I'm not putting up with this bullshit much longer. Either you tell her or I will." Oblivious to the fact that she was surrounded by those with deadly intentions, she stepped away from the leading edge of the rain and slumped against the building. She popped a piece of gum into her mouth and let the wind carry away the wrapper.

Could she be the target, not him? Her blood type was relatively uncommon in this part of the country, he reasoned. He'd covered his tracks well and it wasn't as if this was a planned visit to the campus anyway. No one knew he was here.

Movement in the overhang of Old Main on the other side of Red Square caught his eye.

Two figures—darker than the shadows—hugged the ivy-covered brick. Like marionettes on the same wire, their arms and legs moved in unison. To a casual observer, they looked like well-coordinated Goths, but to a fellow vampire, they were remorseless killers who profited from the death of humans.

Alfonso relaxed. Blood assassins worked alone. They must be after the girl.

Adjusting the rope grips in his palms, he cursed silently. His fingers felt so weak. Hell, his whole body did. If it hadn't been so long since he'd taken the blood of a human, he'd be stronger right now. He couldn't confront them like this.

Besides, since he was marked for elimination, the average DB wouldn't hesitate to finish him off if they learned his identity. It wasn't like he wanted to rub shoulders with them on purpose.

He tucked the blades away and melted into the shadows.

As soon as he rounded the far side of the building, his steel-toed boots began to feel like lead, each step more difficult than the last, and he stopped. The hollow pit in his stomach became too hard to ignore.

He had planned to take only a small amount of the girl's blood, leaving her tired and a little dazed, yet alive. But if he left, she'd be dead within minutes, her body completely drained of its life energy, her blood portioned out and sold in vials to the highest bidders. A perfect example of how supply and demand worked on the black market of the vampire underworld.

He didn't need much from her to regain his strength. was there enough time to—?

Nope, too late now. He'd have to let them have her. Better her than him, he thought as he turned up his collar and took off again toward the empty parking lot across the street. The sound of his boot heels striking the pavement echoed loudly between the buildings. Each step seemed to be saying, "Loser, loser."

A Guardian would never stand by while a Darkblood took a human.

I'm not a Guardian, he wanted to remind his conscience. It's not my job to protect humans from vampires. But he hesitated anyway.

The Darkblood Alliance believed their kind belonged at the top of the food chain—they had no regard for human life. They didn't want to blend in; they wanted to dominate. These predators would either discard the body here to be discovered by the authorities, or they'd take her back to their den and drain her there. Regardless of what they did with her, every kill, every disappearance, risked exposing their secret to the human population.

That backward attitude may have been tolerated in the Middle Ages, but it wasn't acceptable today.

Even in his weakened condition, he realized he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he didn't at least try to prevent the inevitable. Goddamn guilty conscience.

He made his way back along the edge of Haggard Hall. when he got to the corner, he glanced quickly around. Driving rain fell at a severe angle, but he could still make out the Darkbloods moving on the other side of Red Square.

He sprinted across the narrow walkway over to Miller Hall, thankful the weather was so crappy. Chances were, even though vampires' senses were more acute than humans', the DBs couldn't hear him above the sound of the wind and rain. As he flattened himself against the brick facade, he formed a plan. He'd jump them when they got closer and hope to God he had the strength to pull it off. Retrieving the blades, he waited.

Within heartbeats, the two figures emerged like liquid darkness from the corner of Old Main and stopped on the far end of the same walkway, but they didn't advance farther.

Damn. Had they seen him? He doubted they smelled him. Not only was he downwind, but their all-blood diet dulled their sense of smell.

Although he couldn't make out exactly what they were saying, the wind carried snippets of their hushed whispers. They were trying to figure out what to do next.

Shit, they had seen him.

With his lack of strength, the element of surprise had been his only ally. He couldn't hope to fight them like this and win. His only hope now was for the girl to leave. Then he'd split.

For chrissake, he wanted to yell at her. Would you get the hell out of here? Your voice is like a goddamn dinner bell.

Unsure what to do next, he considered his options. Maybe he could stall the bastards.

Switching both blades to his left hand, he tucked them against his forearm to keep them hidden. He stepped from the shadows and ambled toward the end of the walkway in his best non-confrontational manner, a skill he'd honed to perfection as a double agent.

Side by side, with their hands on their hips, they waited for him. The tall, gangly one, a female with stringy blond hair whipping across her face like Medusa, fidgeted the heel of her boot.

A newbie maybe? Seasoned DBs were usually more stoic and controlled. Perfect.

The other one, a stocky male, stood silent beside her. Both wore matching ankle-length black coats, but because neither one had on the wraparound sunglasses common among DB pairs, he could see their coal-black irises and the lifeless gray of their whites. Along with that rotten meat smell, it was another characteristic of their all-blood diet.

"What's going on?" Alfonso asked as he got closer. He touched two fingers to his lips in a fang-slang greeting and dropped his hand. "Darkbloods, right?"

Wordlessly, they looked at each other, something passing silently between them before they relaxed their stances and returned the gesture.

Great. Just great. The female couldn't be as new as he'd first thought—the pair operated in tandem like most longtime DB partners who fed from the same hosts night after night.

The male cocked his head in the direction of the coed. "You taking her tonight?"

Relieved that it definitely was the girl they were after, not him, he flashed an apologetic grin, hoping they'd buy his discomfort. "Was thinking about it."

"Is she an A-poz or B-poz? We couldn't tell from over there."

"B-positive, I think." He tried to convey uncertainty, although he knew for sure that she was. "Why?"

"Excellente," the male said with a faux accent. "We're building up our stock and are short on a few of the less common varieties. More people are B-poz up in Vancouver than down here. Didn't want to head up there just for that, so this is perfect." He flipped open his coat and displayed his wares. His partner did the same. The inside was like a goddamn pharmacy with vials full of blood, syringes, a few nasty-ass knives and God knew what else.

"You a revert?" the woman asked, as she fastened her coat and scrutinized him. "Or just slipping." One of her eyeballs canted slightly off center, not quite moving in conjunction with the other one.

Glass eye or lazy eye?

He noted the whites of both her eyes had the same dull gray tint.

Better assume lazy and be pleasantly surprised if I'm wrong.

"Am I reverting back to the Old Way? Yeah, I guess you could say I've moved beyond the occasional slip-up."

"Well, good for you," the male said. "Got any kills under your belt?"

Alfonso shrugged. More than you'll ever know.

"You're in luck," the male continued. "Me and Sigred—" he indicated his partner with a jerk of his chin "—are settin' up shop here in Bellingham. We can save you the trouble of having to come out on a night like this looking for a little substinex."

The blonde leaned toward her partner. "Sustenance," she whispered.

"Don't go fucking college on me," he said through clenched teeth. "I know what I'm talking about. As I was saying, we're gonna save reverts such as yourself a lot of time and offer a delivery service of sorts. You call us, place your order, and we'll figure out where to meet. No more embracing the elements, if you know what I'm saying."

Sigred produced a plain white card with a single phone number printed in black. "As far as I know, no other Darkblood cells are offering this special service. Not even those fancy big-city ones. In Seattle or Vancouver, you go to them. You traipse through the clubs and alleys looking for a seller if you're in the mood for a little sub-stinex. That, or take it off the hoof. We know most reverts aren't comfortable doing it old-school, at least when they're starting out. But here, we come to you."

Forcing another smile, Alfonso took the card and tucked it into his pocket, where he crushed it into a tiny ball. "You know what they say—you get better customer service in a small town." That got a hearty laugh from both of them.

"Since you found her first, how about we'll do her to save you the trouble and give you a couple of freebies." The male pulled out an empty syringe and displayed it with his pinkie lifted as if he had class. "Sound like a plan?"

Alfonso rubbed his forehead under his cap to make them think he was considering their offer. Maybe if he stalled them a little longer, the girl would leave and they'd all go home empty-handed. He glanced over, but she was still there on the far side of the square. Jesus, how long was she going to fight with her boyfriend anyway?

"I don't know if you've done it much," the male was saying, "but feeding off the hoof is a little tricky, although you did choose an excellent locale—dark, private—and your subject is alone. But the instant you strike and you taste the rush of fear in the blood, it can freak a guy out if you're not expecting it. If you're not good at mind manips, you feel what the human feels the entire time their life energy is waning. Not sure if you'd be into that or not."

Did he look like a youthling fresh out of puberty? Most of their kind did feed from live donors, just not as often as these losers did. Suggesting an alternate memory of events during a feeding was one of the first things a youthling beginning his Time of Change was taught. This is perfect. They think I'm younger and less experienced than they are.

He tried to keep the satisfaction from showing on his face, flashing them a nervous smile instead. "I wasn't planning to drain her dry."

"Old habits are hard to break." Sigred patted his arm. Although his first instinct was to jerk away, he didn't flinch, instead rubbing the pad of his thumb on the rope grip to control the impulse.

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Embraced by Blood 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 42 reviews.
LLL808 on LibraryThing 29 days ago
In Bonded by Blood Alfonso is seen as the evil of the two brothers. While Dom was the swoon-worthy hero, Alfonso was painted with mistakes after mistakes. But there was something about him then and there is something about him now. His story definitely needed to be told.L. Landon does a fantastic job building her characters. Alfonso is a multi-dimensional character. I enjoy characters like him because he knows what it is like on both sides of the grass. He is no where close to being a stale read, in fact, quite the opposite.Romances brew in all sorts of ways depending on the Author. Embraced gives us a romance that has seen some of its heyday already. The main characters had dated in the past. Lily is hurt and doesn't trust Alfonso. Alfonso is trying hard to protect her by distancing himself. It's a great place to pick up from and read the rekindling of passion, love, trust and commitment. The ending does indeed have a surprise... is it good or bad? Wouldn't you like to know before hand?
pollywannabook on LibraryThing 29 days ago
Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasySecond chance at love stories are usually not my favorite type of romances, but Laurie London¿s EMBRACED BY BLOOD, the second book in her increasingly seductive supernatural Sweetblood series, might just change my mind.London does an excellent job of explaining the intricacies of her Sweetblood world in a way that unfolded naturally as part of the narrative and avoiding the dreaded info dump. There are good vampires (those who don¿t kill humans) and bad vampires (aka Darkbloods who kill indiscriminately). Humans, for the most part, are blissfully unaware of the war being found over them. Sweetbloods, humans with a rare and addictive blood, are in particular danger.Unlike in BONDED BY BLOOD, both the hero and heroine in EMBRACED BY BLOOD are vampires. Lily is the single mother who works tracking Darkbloods, and Alfonso is the former traitor who was tortured into joining the Darkbloods before faking his death to escape. Years ago they had a heated love affair that burned them both before it ended. Sparks fly when they are reunited, but Alfonso is still keeping secrets and Lily is still deeply hurt. I couldn¿t get enough of the scenes where they let their guards down long enough for the heat between them to rekindle.Overall, the Sweetblood series is seriously sexy, the characters flawed in all the right ways, the vampire mythology familiar and distinct at the same time. There are a few too good to be true revelations that the cynic in me wanted to scoff at, but the romantic in me thrilled at. It all adds up to me counting down the days until TEMPTED BY BLOOD, Jackson¿s story, is released in February 2012.Sexual Content:A scene takes place in a sex club and various sex acts are references. A couple semi graphic sex scenes.
DragonLibrary8 on LibraryThing 29 days ago
My thoughts:I truly enjoyed the first book in this series, Bonded by Blood, but I LOVED this one! Again, London has given us characters to really sink our teeth in (pardon the pun!). We were given glimpses of both Lily and Alfonso in the first book, but this is their story and it does not disappoint!!!Alfonso and Lily are absolutely incredible characters. Their ability and willingness to sacrifice and fight are only two of the characteristics that make you fall in love with them. Alfonso is the ultimate "guy" and always trying to make up for what he sees as his own faults and failures. He is sexy and attractive, driven and noble. He is misunderstood just enough that your heart goes out to him. He is fierce in his desire to protect those he loves.Lily is the kind of woman we all desire to be. Strong, courageous, loyal, skilled, fierce, and capable. Of course she doesn't believe all that. The relationship between Lily and Alfonso started long before this story and we are given enough background and details to easily read this book without having read the first one. The blood oath that Alfonso has taken risks all as the assassin finds him and realizes the connections between Lily and Alfonso. They battle more than just the assassin to ensure the safety of loved ones and even the hope of a future!The story is filled with deception, feelings of betrayal and danger. On top of all that of course their is desire, need and love. This is a fantastic read, but not one for the non-adult reader! It's a hot one!***a bit of a spoiler below...(It may seem a bit jagged here, as I have pulled pieces out, but when you read the story it will all make sense!).These are the lines that make me completely love Lily! "...what he heard was the sound of a boot making contact with a body. Hard.""That's for killing my friend...(thunk)""That's for threatening my daughter...(thunk)""And this...is for putting my man through hell."
ABookwormsHaven on LibraryThing 29 days ago
I fell in love with this world when we met Dom and Mackenzie in Bonded by Blood and was very excited to dive back into it with Dom¿s brother Alfonso. We see him briefly in Bonded by Blood, but he is not exactly painted in the best light. He was working as a spy for most of his life and many did not know it. He was just assumed to be on the Darkblood (they would be the bad guys) side and treated as such. One who knew the truth was Lily DeGraff, a Guardian and a fantastic tracker. She and Alfonso were together while he was undercover and she quickly fell head over heels for him. She thought he reciprocated the feelings, but after leaving the Darkbloods for good and being pardoned by the council, he promptly left her claiming he never loved her and asked her to leave him alone.This is where we pick up in Embraced by Blood, Alfonso is on the run, dodging Darkblood assassins and trying to avoid Lily. He does love her, but does not want to put her in danger because of his past. Well, I bet you can guess how well that works out for him. Yeah. He can¿t stay away from her anymore than he can stop being a vampire. That is when the book starts getting good. He and Lily are thrown together on a mission to try and save a tracker she was training who was taken by the Darkbloods. It is very much a love lost, love found again plot and I ate up every second of it.Since this is a story about two people that have already been in love, they quickly fall into step with each other once reunited. It was refreshing to skip over the awkwardness that can sometimes come with couples when they are first coming together and just skip right to the fun banter and flirting.Alfonso has a couple of secrets he has yet to share with Lily and I knew at some point they were going to come out, but thought it would be later in the book. So, I am sitting there reading and all of a sudden he is spilling his guts revealing his secrets to her and I was shocked at how quickly it was all coming out. Then I look down and realize I am almost three-fourths of the way through the book and then it makes sense. I was so engrossed in this book and therefore I had know idea how quickly I was going through the pages.I also enjoyed the multiple point of views that Laurie gives us. We see most of this world through the eyes of Alfonso and Lily, but we also get glimpses into the heads of a couple other characters. Jackson, is by far my favorite though. One of the best scenes was when he gets his hands on some brownies in the kitchen. He is the comic relief of these novels and I am looking forward to seeing more from him when he finally gets his book. :)Overall, I really enjoyed Embraced by Blood and love the world Laurie has created. Alfonso and Lily had great chemistry throughout the novel and Lily finally forces Alfonso to realize that he deserves happiness in his life too, despite his past. I am looking forward to the next book and seeing who is going to throw Jackson through a loop and call him hers.
Laurie170 on LibraryThing 29 days ago
This is the second book in Laurie London¿s Sweetblood series, and I have not yet read the first novel. However, this book easily stands on its own with just enough back story to pique my interest and whet my appetite for the first book so that I can find out the whole story of Alfonso¿s older brother and enticing details of the events which caused the rift between them.I genuinely liked Alfonso and found myself immensely sympathetic to his character. His protective instincts, especially where Lily and little Zoe are concerned, were occasionally somewhat caveman-ish, but still, caused my heart to do little flips, because he always considered their safety above his own needs and desires.Lily and he are positively a perfect, romantic match. Each of them is made better by the love of the other¿and isn¿t that the way true love matches should be?I loved the world-building that the author has crafted. I fell into her alternate reality and remained there; experiencing the same heart-ache, doubts, desires, travails and triumphs of the various, assorted characters as their stories were played out through the pages of the novel. This book was exciting and fun to read. I am looking forward to the next book, as well, which will feature Jackson, a rather jaded, lonely soul, who loves frosted brownies, and whom we caught fleeting glimpses of in this book. Laurie London¿s vampires are strong and sexy, with cool powers. They inhabit a covertly dangerous world with unsuspecting humans where some blood types are particularly sweet. Are you an unsuspecting sweetblood?Thank you, Harlequin and Netgalley for providing this book to me in return for my honest review.Reviewed by Laurie-J
thehistorychic on LibraryThing 29 days ago
Requested from NetGalley by meOverall Rating: 4.0Character Rating: 4.25Pacing Rating: 3.75Story Rating: 4.0NOTE: Dang I read this out of order without realizing it was part of a series. I am definitely going to read the first one because I really enjoyed Laurie London's writing style!What I Loved: In Embraced by Blood, I was pleasantly surprised to read a story that I think harkened back to the beginning of paranormal romances. It felt like a classic good vs evil, paying for your sins, and realizing you deserve happiness once conquering your past type of story. Another thing I really loved was the balance of action and emotion. There was a scene between Alfonso (the leading man) and Zoe (the daughter of the leading lady) at a piano that was moving and ended with you laughing (Zoe was very serious about another character Jackson-whom I hope gets his own book- not taking the rest of the brownies). It was those moments thrown in between all the action and mystery that really made this book stand out.What I Liked: I really like the idea of trackers, agencies, and a full blown structure for both sides of the vampire species in this book. Though there are differences between the good and evil, it was nice to see a balance between them. It just means that the showdowns are evenly matched and unpredictable. It is a very interesting paranormal world that Laurie built.Complaints: The beginning was a little slow for my taste but once the story got moving it was very good. I wonder though if that is because I did not read the first book.Why I gave it a 4.0: I think Embraced by Blood had all the elements I like in a PNR: love, romance, hea, strong story, strong characters, emotional moments, funny moments, and a believable world that I could escape to for a few hours.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this installment in the Sweetblood series. I highly recommend this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LisserMG More than 1 year ago
I read this book. It felt like it took forever. The characters and the story was well written, but it just seemed to drag out. I was praying it would end!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Sweetblood series is a great read I actually read #3 1st and bought #'s 1 & 2. I thouroghly enjoyed all 3 books and can't wait for #4!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
meggerfly More than 1 year ago
Embraced by Blood is the second full length novel in the Sweetblood series by the fantastic Laurie London. Embraced is a book about reunited lovers. It's about eternal love and embracing it with open arms. It's also about redemption. Though it can be read as a stand alone book I suggest that you read the first book in the series, Bonded by Blood, to fully understand the relationships and situations within the book. Alfonso Serrano is a shell of a man. For years he had worked as a double agent for the Guardian's. A position that he had attained after he had started a relationship with the Darkbloods. A relationship that had resulted in the death of his parents, and hatred from his brother. When Alfonso finally managed to get clean of his Sweet addiction he started to work for the Guardians from deep within the Darkblood Alliance. Lily DeGraff was a tracker for the Guardians. She was the best at what she did. She also had been assigned as Alfonso's handler when he came to work for the Guardians. They had gotten extremely close over the years and she had fallen in love with him. She was absolutely devastated when he broke it off with her but she managed to move on. When he showed up back in her life she wanted nothing to do with him. Unfortunately, she was ordered once again to work with him. We first learn about Alfonso through his brother Dom's eyes in Bonded by Blood. Obviously that viewpoint painted a very negative picture of him. When at the end of Bonded we find out Alfonso's real role in the DB alliance, we see just how incorrect that picture was. We learn that Alfonso is truly a hero in the making. Because Embraced is Alfonso's story we see things from his eyes. In it we see his remorse over his long ago actions as well as his more recent ones. We also find out that his addiction to Sweet was forced upon him. The reason why he broke things off with Lily becomes clear as well and let me tell you people, it was a good one. Though Alfonso broke things off with Lily, they both clearly still longed for each other. Alfonso never stopped loving her and though she had moved on she still found herself attracted to him. Watching them both succumb to their desire to each other as well as the regrowth of trust was beautiful. It was also a treat to see the way that the DB's "recruited" their members. Learning about Alfonso's past only strengthened his bond with Lily IMO. There was only one thing that didn't really thrill me about the book. As expected, Laurie London put a descent amount of action in the book. I had a hard time fully enjoying it though and I'm not sure why. Maybe it was my mood because the storyline was sound. The whole rave scene seemed short lived and somewhat sterile however. The absolutely best thing about this is the HEA. It was extremely heartwarming. I loved how it wrapped up everything perfectly. Make sure you don't miss this Sweetblood book. If you do you'll really be missing out!
Patricia9 More than 1 year ago
Highly recommended
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago