Emerald Reflections 2: A South Seattle Emerald Anthology

Emerald Reflections 2: A South Seattle Emerald Anthology

by Marcus Harrison Green (Editor)


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Seattle’s most diverse community has a story to share with the world, a narrative of resistance, resilience, hope, tragedy, triumph, and passion.

It’s a story that can only be told by an area where Tagalog, and Tigrinya can flow as fluently from corner store door steps as English.

Explore in this collection experiences as varied and unique as the people who grace its streets, but coalescing in one wide-ranging story: The People of South Seattle.

Featuring work by

* Lola E Peters * Ijeoma Oluo * Nakeya Isabell * Georgia S. McDade * Nikkita Oliver * Gyasi Ross * Monica Hoang * Alvin “LA” Horn * Sharon H Chang * Hanna Brooks Olsen * Toshiko Grace Hasegawa * Rell Be Free * Alex Gallo-Brown * K. D. Senior * Mike Leitner * Lee Claiborne * Kayla Blau * Tiffani Jones * Isaac Robinson * Harvey Garvey * Nasra Ali * Namaka Auwae-Dekker * Gabriella Duncan * ChrisTiana ObeySumner * Rae Rose * Robin Boland * Kiana Davis * Sean Smith * Samira Abbas * Rev. Kelly Dahlman-Oeth * Courtney Weaver * Brian Burgen-Aurand * Laura Humpf * Jon Greenberg * Rollie Williams * Dan Ophardt * Marilee Jolin * Marisa Ordonia * Fathi Karshie * Will Sweger * Kelsey Hamlin * Sharayah Lane * Peter Johnson * Danica Bornstein * Miguel Jimenez

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ISBN-13: 9781609441326
Publisher: VertVolta Press
Publication date: 05/03/2018
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents


Not Mine, Oh Really - Lola E Peters

Dear America - Nakeya Isabell

Dreaming of Fresh Fields - Monica Hoang

I See You America - Alvin “LA” Horn

The Revolutionary Women of South Seattle - Toshiko Grace Hasegawa

Joseph Bryant - Namaka Auwae-Dekker

Revolutionary - Rell Be Free

To the Woman Who Mistook Me for the Bar Staff at My Little Brother’s Engagement Party - Alex Gallo-Brown

In the Land of Subartum - K. D. Senior

Little Brooklyn (On McClellan) - Mike Leitner

Little Black Butterfly - Lee Claiborne

A Cynic’s Song - Kayla Blau

Free Seattle Spring - Tiffani Jones

Hypocrisy - Isaac Robinson

In Tune with You - Alvin “LA” Horn

Exceptionalism - K. D. Senior

Ebony and Gold - Harvey Garvey

My Neighborhood - Alex Gallo-Brown

Passages - Georgia S. McDade

Memoirs From the Surviving - Nasra Ali and Namaka Auwae-Dekker

Leveraging the Struggle - Gabriella Duncan

Our World is Crying - ChrisTiana ObeySumner

Twisted - Rae Rose

Thoughts on Luck - Robin Boland

Worlds Apart - Kayla Blau

Charleena - Kiana Davis

Fallen Silent - Sean Smith

Hunger - Samira Abbas


A Year After the Election, Voting Rights are Still Critical - Hanna Brooks Olsen

Jesus Wouldn’t Sweep the Homless—He Would Help Them, So Should We - Reverend Kelly Dalhman-Oeth

For Latrell Williams - Marcus Harrison Green

No Place Like Home - Courtney Weaver

The Scariest thing about Get Out is Black Trauma - Reagan Jackson

Let Them Eat Gravlax - Lola E Peters

Let’s Repeal the Second Amendment So We Can Get On With Addressing Gun Violence - Brian Burgen-Aurand

The Injustice of Jury Duty - Laura Humpf

What White Marchers Mean for Black Lives Matters - Marcus Harrison Green

White Americans Are Still Confused About Racism—Here’s the Talk We Need to Have - Jon Greenberg

So, What Do We Do With Youth Who Attempt to Kill? - Nikkita Oliver and Gyasi Ross

White Silence Can Be Golden - Marilee Jolin

Moving Beyond Juvenile “Super-Predator” Rhetoric - Dan Ophardt and Marisa Ordonia

Ending Systemic Racism Can Begin With Seattle - Marcus Harrison Green

A Billionaire’s Burden: Angry Voters and the Making of a Perfect World - Fathi Karshie

Violence in a Non-Violent World - Ijeoma Oluo


One Man’s Fight to Free His Son from America’s Incarceration Addiction - Marcus Harrison Green

El Centro De La Raza Offers Lessons for Community Land Use - Will Sweger

One Muslim American Veteran Voices her Strength,Despite Uncertain Future - Kelsey Hamlin

Choosing Life: Cancer Support Group Founder Continues to Enlighten,Educate While Battling the Disease - Reagan Jackson

Freedom School Immerses Students in Liberation Education - Sharayah Lane

Crediting Fitness With Saving His Life, World ChampionPower-Lifter Uses It to Aid Seniors - Marcus Harrison Green

In Times Like These Poets Have to Poet - Brian Burgen-Aurand

Homeless Veterans Create CommunityTogether on Beacon Hill - Will Sweger

“The Beachboyz” and Coach Corey Sampson Are the Real Dea l- Peter Johnson

To All Good Men: You Must Be Braver - Danica Bornstein

The Indispensible History and Counter-Narrative The Journal of Ben Uchida: Citizen 13559 Taught My Son - Sharon H Chang

An Open Letter to Persons With Guns, Especially Persons Under 25 - Georgia S. McDade

A Community Spirit That is Bullet Proof - Miguel Jimenez


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