Emergence in Complex, Cognitive, Social, and Biological Systems

Emergence in Complex, Cognitive, Social, and Biological Systems

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2002)

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The systems movement is made up of many systems societies as well as of disciplinary researchers and researches, explicitly or implicitly focusing on the subject of systemics, officially introduced in the scientific community fifty years ago. Many researches in different fields have been and continue to be sources of new ideas and challenges for the systems community. To this regard, a very important topic is the one of EMERGENCE. Between the goals for the actual and future systems scientists there is certainly the definition of a general theory of emergence and the building of a general model of it. The Italian Systems Society, Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sui Sistemi (AIRS), decided to devote its Second National Conference to this subject. Because AIRS is organized under the form of a network of researchers, institutions, scholars, professionals, and teachers, its research activity has an impact at different levels and in different ways. Thus the topic of emergence was not only the focus of this conference but it is actually the main subject of many AIRS activities.

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ISBN-13: 9781461352242
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 10/23/2012
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2002
Pages: 394
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Table of Contents

Opening Lecture. Synergetics - An Overview; H. Haken. Modelling. First Cellular Automata Model of Red Mullet Behaviour; F. Badalamenti, et al. Simulations of Forest Fires by Cellular Automata Modelling; E. Bendicenti, et al. The Dynamic Usage of Models (DYSAM); G. Minati, S. Brahms. Cognitive Science. The Emergence of Strategies in Cognitive Development; M.P. Penna. Emergence of the Symbolic Function; G. Terenzi. Synaptic Development as a Variational Problem; P. Camiz. Theoretical Issues in Systemics. Emergence and Ergodicity: A Line of Research; G. Minati. Decomposition of Systems; M.R. Abram. Generic Properties of Complex Networks; R. Serra. The Role of Stability Theory in the Great Theories of the XX Century U. Di Caprio. A Generalization of Compensation Mechanism in Variable-Structure Systems. E.Pessa, G. Resconi. Education. A Systemic Proposal on the Use of a New Technology as a Learning Tool in School Context; M.P. Penna, et al. A System Approach to the Educational Research: Reflection on an Experience; A. Codetta Raiteri, R. Cambini. Evaluating an Educational Course. A Constructivist Approach; R. Cambini, A. Codetta Raiteri. Systemic Approach and Information Technology. Reactive Navigation Based on Self-Organised Visual Information; G. Tascini, et al. Web Usability: Meaning and Context. Over Data Structures; M.C. Tofoni, A. Montesanto. Membrane Systems for Computing; G. Mauri, C. Zandron. General Systems. Transforming Leadership through Coalitions: Building the Ethics of Sustainable Development in Globalization; L.A. Magliocca, G. Minati. Meaning Extraction from the Analysis of Video-Registrations of Human Movements; M.P. Penna, et al. Multidisciplinary Techniques for Classifying Styles in Narrative Texts: a Preliminary Study; M. Nardon, et al. The Religious Aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in the West Bank: Systemic Implications; S. Brahms. Disciplinarity in the Pursuit of Knowledge; A. Collen. Management. Distributed Knowledge Management. A Systemic Approach; M. Bonifacio, P. Bouquet. The Role of Knowledge Management as a Key Tool for Companies to deal with the Turbulent Environment: A Survey; P. Penna, et al. Systemic Approaches to Human Care. Balancing and Compensating Equilibrium Deficits in Beings Provided with Cognitive Processing Capabilities; G. Minati, A. Ricciuti. Emergence, Individuality, Therapy.A Systemic Vision of Homeopathy; M. Trionfi. Systemic Support Therapy for Cancer Patients During and After Chemotherapy; A. Ricciuti A Systemic Approach to the Modelling of Epileptic Phenomena; P.L. Bandinelli, et al. Synergetics and Systemics. Some Comments about Determinism and Classical Physics; L. Galgani. What is Emergence? E. Pessa . Quantum Field Theory and System Theory; G. Vitello. Index.

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