Emil Kemeny: A Life in Chess

Emil Kemeny: A Life in Chess

by John S. Hilbert




Emil Kemeny appeared on the American chess scene in 1890, a Hungarian chess player on the Lower East Side who had difficulty with English. Within a decade he was considered one of the country’s finest chess players and writers. He dominated chess in both Philadelphia and Chicago, where he lived between 1893 and early 1906.
Congenial and modest, Kemeny was appreciated for his chess play and valued for the strong friendships he formed during his years in the United States. A tenacious competitor despite poor health, he fought Showalter for the national title, ran his own chess magazine, and provided detailed coverage of Monte Carlo 1903.
His chess career as player and writer is presented in detail. Common databases rarely include more than 35 of his games; this book has 227—sixty or more against Halpern, Hanham, Voigt, Showalter and Pillsbury—most with annotations; 361 diagrams. Forty additional period games, hundreds of source notes, tournament and match records, crosstables, a bibliography, and openings, player, and general indexes complete the work.

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ISBN-13: 9780786473595
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Publication date: 06/12/2013
Pages: 352
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About the Author

John S. Hilbert is the author of over a dozen books and more than 100 articles on chess history. He lives in Buffalo, New York. William H.K. Pollock is his fifth McFarland title.

Table of Contents

Preface 1

A Note on Sources and Annotations 3

Introduction 5

1 In Buda, in Pest… 7

2 A New York Reputation: 1890-1891 16

3 New York Master: 1891-1892 48

4 Philadelphia's Finest 76

5 Domination: 1893-1895 102

6 Showalter-Kemeny: 1896 U.S. Championship Match 142

7 At the Franklin, and Two Summer Meetings 167

8 The Final Years in Philadelphia 219

9 Kemeny, Writer 253

10 St. Louis and Chicago 282

11 Back in Budapest 308

Appendix: "International Chess Tournaments" (1904) 319

Tournament and Match Record 325

Crosstables 327

Bibliography 332

Index to Openings-ECO Codes 335

Index to Kemeny's Games by Opponent 336

Index to Others' Games 337

General Index 338

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