Emotional Intelligence 2.0: 3 Books in 1 - Accelerated Learning, Manipulation in Human Psychology, Daily Self-Discipline

Emotional Intelligence 2.0: 3 Books in 1 - Accelerated Learning, Manipulation in Human Psychology, Daily Self-Discipline

by Dale Clear


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Accelerated Learning:

If you are certain that the current world need people who are informed and updated about the happenings of the world, 2nd Accelerated Learning - Science of Rapid Skill Acquisition- Learn, Remember, & Master New Skills is the book for you. Technology and globalization have made the world a very small global community where a lot of information is shared every minute.

Consequently, there is a lot of ‘noise’ making it hard for people to learn and retain the information they gather. Sometimes, one is required to know so much in minimal time. This book is written in the simplest language to explain to you how you can learn things faster, retain more information and even recall what is required as quickly as possible.


Manipulation: Advanced Techniques in Dark Psychology - How to Analyze, Read and Influence People is the ultimate inside look into the minds of the personalities known as the Dark Triad. This book takes a deep dive into the techniques and nuances used by these individuals to carry out their mind games, taking a look at how they exercise control over their victims while presenting a completely different personality to the world.


The self is who we are. It is the things that we do with our daily routines. We are different from others, and yet, we are the same, connected to everyone. We think, and therefore, we are. It is life and death—the time spent existing. It is what we dream and hope and why our hearts beat. It is creativity and success. We are defined by what is “us.”

When we talk about discipline, we are looking at control. It is the way of moving from one thing to another. It is the ability to see weaknesses and push beyond them. It is about knowing what is proper for accomplishment and how to avoid the temptation to abandon and wander into something else. It is the ability to focus.

Self-discipline is both self-control and self-mastery—the centering of ourselves and seeing what we really want. There is a skill to finding what you want and knowing how to go get it.

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