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Emotional Intelligence: How To Understand Emotions And Raise Your EQ

Emotional Intelligence: How To Understand Emotions And Raise Your EQ

by Josephine T. Lewis


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The real reason why you're not getting what you want

In today's world, we're becoming more connected to each other everyday. Our relationships with people have never been more important. Emotional intelligence is now an essential part of our daily interactions with co-workers, friends, intimate partners and so on. But, here's the problem - most people are not taking full advantage of their emotional intelligence. Even more troubling, is that the signs of low emotional intelligence are often overlooked: low motivation, becoming stressed easily, trouble relating to others and poor social skills are just a few of the common signs. Not too surprisingly, this will determines how successful you'll will be. Here's why:
"For many individuals, their EQ (or level of emotional intelligence) is much more important than their IQ as far as how successful they will be in their careers and general life. Today, our personal and professional success rely heavily on how well we can read signals, both in ourselves and others, and respect them in the appropriate ways. "

We can all agree that i ntelligence matters, but what has become more important is having the essential social and emotional skills needed to manage your intelligence. Just being smart won't guarantee you success anymore - now it's our relationships with others that will make the critical difference in your personal and professional life. Effective communication, self-motivation, and confidence in your relationships are game changers when it comes to any form success. These skills will make you or break you.

Many people think you're born with high emotional intelligence, but actually it's something that anyone can learn. What's more, leveling up your EQ is a high-leverage technique for making massive changes in every area of your life. Building your emotional intelligence is the most high-impact area of self-improvement because it improves every interaction with the important people in your life (and it's no surprise that if you're feeling more motivated and stress-free that you'll see better results). I can tell you that if you take building your EQ seriously, it can create a chain reaction that will solve many problems in your life.

But, remember this: You won't develop your emotional intelligence without taking action to understand the principles of emotional intelligence and implement them in your own life.

In this book, I've condensed everything you need to take control of your emotional intelligence and begin building the foundation of social success into your life. There's no excuse for not taking advantage of this powerful information. This book will open the doors of opportunity to self-confidence, deep personal and professional relationships, and ultimately, the success that you deserve.

Start today, and see what it can do for you.

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