Emotional Struggle: Doing And Being Wrong Was Easier

Emotional Struggle: Doing And Being Wrong Was Easier

by Giles Selig


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Emotional Struggle: Doing And Being Wrong Was Easier by Giles Selig

Struggle is the conclusion of a 3 part series from the books, Sin Committed by Simple Confusion, and Catastrophic Collision. Struggle is about what happen after Selig's spiritual and emotional dysfunction is realized. After taking a hard 42 month look at himself, he continues his testimony to others with real, raw warnings. Selig has put the writing on the wall for others that may follow in his footsteps. People, who have been conditioned to think they are not ready for the next step in their lives, struggle. People, who are suffering from dealing with loss of relationships, struggle. After a 42 month emotional purging; Selig has left his true, honest facts, by his opinion how and why he struggled in relationships. Others may share the same reason, because of their lack of confidence.
Going back to the Church of his childhood consistently after 35 years, life didn't get easier. Constant badgering by conscious or ego didn't make life easier.
The warnings of caution placed inside this book are to be road blocks and detours for others heading down the same road of struggle. Our behavior consists of our social, emotional and/or spiritual conditioning, rooted within your conscious. This book Struggle attempts to personally challenge you, to turn from unhealthy behavior that destroys intimate relationships. Or turn from even attempting to engage in a relationship with anybody but Christ, knowing you are not ready for a Godly commitment.

To Men: Read about the false responsibility by penetration. This responsibility begins, because somebody wants something by measurement of 2 things.
Somebody wants something by measurement of desire.
Somebody wants something by measurement of positioning.

Warning: He, who participates in the ungodly Hoppiddy Horsing games, may get all the False Responsibility by Penetration. If you not ready for it, talk to the woman standing up before you lay down with her!

To Women: What are you thinking? Do you think because you participated into an ungodly act, and allowed a man to "enter your world," he owes you something?
Then you may conceive a child together. That's the reward for playing the ungodly Hoppiddy Horsing games. You too may have gotten a prize you not ready for.

Finally, if you have already read Sin Committed by Simple Confusion, and Catastrophic Collision, you may ask, what happen to Legion? Is Legion a real person? Did these things really happen to Selig? You may also ask is the 3 part series all a hoax?
Selig has a question for you after you read the series. Do you think it can't happen to you?
Truth or considered hoax, the message from the Selig's book series has already began to be the catalyst of a Spiritual, and Emotional Movement. The "Selig Movement" is about the necessity of self reflection, self awareness and a little less self gratification. Why the "Selig Movement" is of so much importance?
Selig: Translation meaning "Happy, Blessed"
Therefore the "Movement" is just the tip of the ice berg getting young adults, at risk youth, men and women to look at themselves from within the Churches to the Prisons. After that hard self inspection, trust it will be hard if you're honest. You may ask yourself are you Happy and Blessed or in Emotional and Spiritual Bondage?

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