Empath: Empath: How you can Embrace Life as an Empath and Thrive in all Circumstances

Empath: Empath: How you can Embrace Life as an Empath and Thrive in all Circumstances

by Ken Fisher


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The most important thing is that you are learning to cope with and accept who you are as a highly sensitive person. Do not turn to medications and treatments for your "condition" simply because of daily inconveniences you may encounter. No matter how much medical professionals love to go around with a prescription pad curing everything with a pill, some things are not curable. It is not even a disease in the first place. Remember, your sensitivity is a trait that makes you who you are. It gives you many gifts, and there is no reason to see it as something that actually needs medical treatment.
However, highly sensitive people that have a lot of stress in their lives may find themselves in a crisis more than once. I have been there myself experiencing jittery movements, a racing heart, a sweaty face, shaky palms, chest pain, blurring vision, heavy and fast breathing; which almost make you feel as if you're going to die. This is a panic attack and for those especially who are sensitive to stress, it is definitely not an uncommon occurrence.
If this type of predicament is causing you debilitating problems with your family life and/or at work, then it may be appropriate to consider some type of treatment. However, remember that the treatment is for a better handling of your anxiety issues and to help you to quickly calm down in a crisis situation. Counseling may be a good way to help you learn to cope with stress as well as many of the skills we discussed earlier when dealing with stimulation. If you find yourself often in crisis, something may be prescribed to you for anxiety. Note that these should be aimed at getting you out of a crisis, not for long-term treatments for some kind of mental "condition". There are many natural things that can be taken for this as well as prescription drugs such as Valium and Xanax. This is where an open line of communication with an understanding licensed physician is crucial to help determine what is best for you.
In this book, you will find out more about what it means to have your specific personality type. You will also discover tips for navigating a relationship either as or with a person who is highly sensitive. Everything does not have to feel like such a struggle. You can have powerful, immediate results from processes that are relatively simple. The better you understand yourself, the more you can thrive in life. Realizing that you are highly sensitive and learning how to embrace rather than struggle against it will open up new doors for you in life.

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