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Empath: Understanding the Life Of An Empath

Empath: Understanding the Life Of An Empath

by Victoria Harper


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Enter The World of an Empath and Learn How to Enhance Your Potential

In our world we see a complexity of emotional distress and a unique personality developing to handle the array of emotional information. In this age we see the emergence of the empath. Every age comes with its own special breed of person to handle the Earths problems and you are most likely reading this book because you recognise your own empathic quality.

Are you an Empath? If you happen to answer yes to a number of the following questions, you probably are:

  • I can tell when a person says one thing but means another
  • I can often see through other peoples' eyes
  • I get compliments like: "You understand me better than others do."
  • If I have to present the same speech to five different groups, it will come out differently every time. Somehow I sense the way they need to hear the information
  • I can easily feel the negative emotions and physical symptoms of another.
  • I feel particularly free when outside in nature.
  • I can easily connect with my pet's world.
  • Watching TV shows with highly dramatic emotional confrontations like Jerry Springer makes me feel sick and cry.
  • My friendships are much more intense than others' friendships.
  • My need to connect with others like myself is strong, to know I'm not alone.

One thing to remember, you are not alone, and your sharing nature causes you to be a person who is often needed by your friends, but with the paradox of needing time to be alone. This book is not the total answer to how to manage your empathic ability, but will give you some insight into the nature of you. You will learn as life goes on to become skilled in connection with people and other sentient beings at will. Whether you are a skilled empath or a bundle of nerves, you will benefit from reading as much as you can about the subject. Attention and patience are the solutions!

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