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Empathy: The Key to Diversity

Empathy: The Key to Diversity

by G. Jenkins Barkar


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Empathy illustrates the virtue and contributions of white people who have made remarkable sacrifices in the quest for human equality in the United States. It explains the role of compassion in building and maintaining the Beauty of Diversity among mankind as residents of a shared habitat—Earth.

A society that lacks empathy resorts to strife and violence, as was seen in Liberia's decade-long civil war; the Rwandan Genocide, which was the swiftest racial slaughter in history; and xenophobia in South Africa and the region above the Sahara. The lack of empathy among people of the same race led the Irish immigrants into an ordeal of discrimination during the great Potato Famine.

This book explores the empathy of white people that helped to end centuries-old human servitude, mob justice, and segregation laws in America. It highlights a variety of personalities: George Yeaman's swing vote that helped outlaw slavery, Harriet B. Stowe's clear presentation of the treatment of slaves in the South through literature, and Richard Loving's marriage and the series of events that led to the Supreme Court's landmark decision outlawing anti-miscegenation laws. Mr. Loving's steadfastness left a legacy followed by many, including Prince Harry, whose wife's life is "commoditized" by the press as was his mother's, Diana.

In Empathy, readers will grasp the role played by the US Army in ending slavery in America, exemplified by the indelible battle-scar of Newton Goodbar, who fought in most of the Civil War's fiercest battles. They'll ride the roller-coaster journey of the author, including disappointing encounters overturned by the timely display of compassion by noble souls, including a succession of virtuous people in Philadelphia: Richard Ballingar, Sister Alice Daly, Todd and Piggy Kovich. The author also enjoyed hospitable experiences in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with: the Lewises, the Morans, the Baysahs, Jonathan Ellis, Todd Albrecht, Carol and Charlie. All of these encounters inspired a study of empathy as the key to diversity.

Begin your journey in Empathy.

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Publication date: 01/30/2020
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About the Author

Jenkins studied Biology and Chemistry for four years in college, and International Relations for two years in grad-school. He is interested in human relations and peace and advocacy, and he is obsessed with fitness. Jenkins was born in Liberia and now lives and works in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States of America.

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