Empowering Mothers To Mother

Empowering Mothers To Mother

by Winnie Kitaka


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Winnie Kitaka always knew she wanted to be a voice for someone. She didn't know who that someone was until she became a mother and night nanny. She noticed a disturbing pattern; mothers weren't confident in their own abilities to parent their children. They were overwhelmed by a vast amount of information from family, friends, social media, and the internet. They were afraid to ask for help and were worried that they were the only mothers who didn't love being a mother all the time. They felt like they were lost among nappies and dummies, not able to be anything more than a mother. As a result, Winnie saw hundreds of mothers building walls, keeping out their partners, family, and friends. In Empowering Mothers, Winnie has set out to break down that wall.

Empowering Mothers is a message to mothers all around the world: you have all the tools you need to care for your children and be an engaged, happy, and content mother. Most importantly, you are not alone.

Empowering Mothers provides practical and actionable advice for mothers. Winnie encourages mothers to ask for help from their community, to advocate for themselves and their children, to find joy in the things that they loved before they had children, and so much more. With practical advice for the caring of children from infancy to preschool, Winnie provides a vast store of knowledge based on her years of experience as a mother and night nanny.

Empowering Mothers is a must-read for mothers everywhere. Mothers are bound together by the stress and profound joy of being a mother. It's Winnie's goal to bring them all together, to provide support, encouragement, and above all, understanding to each other.

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Publication date: 12/02/2013
Pages: 168
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