Empowering Young People in Disempowering Times: Fighting Inequality Through Capability Oriented Policy

Empowering Young People in Disempowering Times: Fighting Inequality Through Capability Oriented Policy


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Following the 2008 economic crisis, the situation for young people deteriorated dramatically in many European countries. Employment and training opportunities have reduced, and levels of poverty and social exclusion have increased. This book evaluates both institutional frameworks and programmes as well as the quantitative and qualitative basis of judgements in European youth policies that dominate current strategies.

Empowering Young People in Disempowering Times uses EU survey data and in-depth qualitative research to examine the education, employment experiences and quality of life of young people in Europe. It develops an extensive critique of the dominant policy approaches used in Europe, which aim to tackle the challenges facing disadvantaged young people through a focus on work first and a narrow human capital centered approach of integration. In response, the book analyses and discusses alternatives emerging from an application of Amartya Sens’s Capability Approach to youth policies and an enlarged concept of participation.

Offering quantitative and qualitative analysis which aim to develop new and progressive ways to assess the situation of socially disadvantaged young people in Europe, this book will be fascinating reading for students and teachers of social policy, as well as policy-makers, social practitioners and social scientists.

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ISBN-13: 9781788110853
Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 12/29/2017
Pages: 320
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About the Author

Edited by Hans-Uwe Otto, Bielefeld University, Germany, Valerie Egdell, Northumbria University, UK, Jean-Michel Bonvin, University of Geneva, Switzerland and Roland Atzmüller, Johannes Kepler University, Austria

Table of Contents


Introduction: Empowering Young People in Disempowering Times? Creating Collaborative and Transformative Capabilities through Participation

Hans-Uwe Otto, Valerie Egdell, Jean-Michel Bonvin and Roland Atzmüller

PART I The Capabilities of Disadvantaged Young People in Europe

1. Analysing Inequality and Disadvantage from a Capability Perspective

Jean-Michel Bonvin, Benoît Beuret and Stephan Dahmen

2. The Participation of the Young in the European Union

Céline Goffette, Josiane Vero, Helen Graham, Robert Raeside, Enrica Chiappero-Martinetti, Alberta M.C. Spreafico and Agnese Peruzzi

3. One Youth, one Voice: Principles of Justice and Public Policies for Early School Leavers in France

Thierry Berthet and Véronique Simon

4. Towards a Subjective Capability Quality of Life Scale (SCQL) in Europe

Christian Christrup Kjeldsen

5. Capabilities, Participation and Public Policies for Young People: A Critical Analysis of a Local Policy Process in Spain

Sergio Belda-Miquel, Alejandra Boni Aristizábal and Aurora López-Fogués

PART II Training and Employment Policies in Europe: A Way Towards the Enhancement of Young People’s Capabilities?

6. Vocational Training in the Framework of the ‘Austrian Training Guarantee’

Roland Atzmüller and Alban Knecht

7. Participation and Expectations: The Youth Guarantee in Italy – A Comparison Study in Lombardy and Campania

Giuseppe Acconcia and Paolo Roberto Graziano

8. The Dynamics of Youth Policies in Switzerland: Between Participation and Activation

Stephan Dahmen, Jean-Michel Bonvin and Benoît Beuret

9. Integrating Young People into Society: Perceptions of Enabling Agents

Robert Raeside, Valerie Egdell and Helen Graham

10. Contextual and Individual Determinants of Involuntary Jobs among Young Workers in Europe: A Capability Approach

Céline Goffette and Josiane Vero

PART III Participation as Research Method and Policy Strategy: Creating and Unleashing Transformative Capabilities

11. Full Participation Matters? A Subject Orientated Approach to Participation from a Capability Perspective

Thomas Ley

12. The CCAPPA Method and the Capability Approach: Giving Voice to Young People in Research Through Participative Methods

Véronique Simon and Thierry Berthet

13. Interventions of Feminist Youth Work: Towards Participatory Parity?

Bettina Haidinger

14. Aspirations of Young People Living in Disadvantaged Areas in Denmark

Niels Rosendal Jensen and Anna Kathrine Frørup

PART IV CONCLUSION: Developing Capability Oriented Youth Policies to Fight Inequality and Disadvantage – Developing the Capability to Aspire and to Participate

15. Improving the Quality of Life of Disadvantaged Young People in Europe

All Contributors

16. The Capability to Aspire of Young People in Disadvantaged Circumstances

Evelyne Baillergeau and Jan Willem Duyvendak

17. Participation and Participatory Research from a Capability Perspective

Caroline Vandekinderen, Griet Roets, Hilde Van Keer and Rudi Roose


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