Empress: 20 Principles for Rastafari Wife & Mother

Empress: 20 Principles for Rastafari Wife & Mother

by Empress, Empress Ms


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Empress is a book for women who want to embrace Jah Rastafari but on a deeper level. Learn the basics and the deeper wisdom of how a Rasta woman thinks, what she does, and why. How she feels about Jah Rastafari as an energy in her life, and the meaning of her Locks as an Empress. Blessed Love. - Empress Principle #3: 5 Rules of "Natural" living- Empress Principle #4: 6 Rasta Ital Food Rules/Laws- Empress Principle #6: Understanding of how Rasta Women embracing her faith as "Royalty"- Empress Principle #7: 10 Secrets to keep Your Kingman happy and in love- Empress Principle #8: How to stay Royal and loyal to Jah- Empress Principle #10: Empress Dreadlocks:"Love & Awareness"- Empress Principle #12: The Rastafari Sabbath- Empress Principle #13: Should I buy my Rasta child/baby Toys?- Empress Principle #14: 6 Tips for Raising Rasta Children- Empress Principle #15: Beliefs of a Rasta Woman- Empress Principle #16: Ital Food Cooking Preparation Tips- Empress Principle #17: 7 Tips to "Activate" blessings from Jah- Empress Principle #18: 3 Ways to pray as a Rasta Woman- Empress Principle #19: 4 Tips and principles for "White Rasta Women" on the Trod...and much more. You will be happy such a book was made. Inspired by Jah, just for you. www.empressblogger.com

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ISBN-13: 9781721933938
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/13/2018
Pages: 74
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