EMQ's for PLAB

EMQ's for PLAB

by Maju Mathews



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ISBN-13: 9781578082056
Publisher: Science Publishers
Publication date: 02/01/2002
Pages: 230

Table of Contents

Plab Guidexv
Theme 1Rashes in Children1
Theme 2Management of Arrhythmias3
Theme 3Diagnosis of Chest Pain5
Theme 4Diagnosis of Jaundice7
Theme 5Diagnosis of Inguinal and Scrotal Swelling9
Theme 6Diseases of the Liver11
Theme 7Management of Skin Conditions13
Theme 8Antepartum Haemorrhage15
Theme 9Causes of Secondary Hypertension17
Theme 10Investigations19
Theme 11Investigations in Childhood Urinary Tract Infection21
Theme 12Diagnosis of Neck Swelling23
Theme 13Red Eye25
Theme 14Gynaecology - Obstetrics Problems27
Theme 15Adverse Effects of Antihypertensives29
Theme 16Nutritional Deficiencies31
Theme 17Causes of Haematuria33
Theme 18Bleeding PV35
Theme 19Gynaecological Malignancies37
Theme 20Management of Hypertension39
Theme 21Contraceptives of Choice41
Theme 22Causes of Chronic Renal Failure43
Theme 23Management of Psychiatric Illness45
Theme 24Mechanism of Action-Antihypertensives47
Theme 25Management of Antepartum Haemorrhage49
Theme 26Normal Childhood Development51
Theme 27Side Effects of Psychotropic Drugs53
Theme 28Dementia55
Theme 29Substance Misuse57
Theme 30Treatment of Stroke59
Theme 31Infertility Treatment61
Theme 32Causes of Hallucinations and Delusions63
Theme 33Syndromes65
Theme 34Treatment of Movement Disorders67
Theme 35Management of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease69
Theme 36Fitness of Drive71
Theme 37Management of Chronic Joint Disease73
Theme 38Causes of UTI in Children75
Theme 39Diagnosis of Peripheral Neurological Lesions77
Theme 40Failure to Thrive79
Theme 41Choice of Antibiotics81
Theme 42Diagnosis of Proximal Muscle Weakness83
Theme 43Cranial Nerve Defects85
Theme 44Specific Emergency Management87
Theme 45Management of Dermatological Infections89
Theme 46Diagnosis of Upper Limb Injuries91
Theme 47Opportunistic Infections in HIV93
Theme 48Disorders affecting the mouth95
Theme 49Diagnosis of Hypercalcaemia97
Theme 50Diagnosis of Hyponatraemia99
Theme 51Complications of Fractures101
Theme 52Paediatrics-Respiratory Disorders103
Theme 53Symptoms and Signs of Cranial Nerve Lesions105
Theme 54Knee Injuries107
Theme 55Diagnosis of Endocrine conditions109
Theme 56Anticoagulants111
Theme 57Anatomical Basis of Stroke Syndromes113
Theme 58Tumour Markers115
Theme 59Management of Fractures117
Theme 60Muscle Weakness119
Theme 61Abnormalities of the Jugular Venous Pressure (JVP)121
Theme 62Acute Treatment of Arrhythmias123
Theme 63Benign Breast Disease125
Theme 64Treatment of Peptic Ulceration127
Theme 65Preipheral Vascular Disease129
Theme 66Soft Tissue Swellings131
Theme 67Male Infertility133
Theme 68Antibiotic Prophylaxis of Endocarditis135
Theme 69Management of Asthma in Children137
Theme 70Causes of Nystagmus139
Theme 71Causes of Weak Legs141
Theme 72Diagnosis of Earache143
Theme 73Investigation in Overdose145
Theme 74Diagnosis of Bacterial Infections147
Theme 75Diagnosis of Abdominal Pain149
Theme 76Brain Region Localisation151
Theme 77Cardiotocography (CTG)153
Theme 78Prophylactic Treatment155
Theme 79Diagnosis of Poisoning157
Theme 80Diagnosis of Prutitus159
Theme 81Diagnosis of Sore Throat161
Theme 82Treatment of Diabetic Complications163
Theme 83Chest Pain165
Theme 84Diagnosis of Falls167
Theme 85Diagnosis of Constipation169
Theme 86The Treatment of Urinary Incontinence171
Theme 87Child Neglect173
Theme 88Bleeding PV175
Theme 89Management of Trauma Case177
Theme 90Preventive Measure179
Theme 91Plain Abdominal Film Abnormalities181
Theme 92Diagnosis of Muskuloskeletal Pain183
Theme 93Diagnosis of Lesions around the Eye185
Theme 94Diagnosis of Joint Pains187
Theme 95Diagnosis of Paediatric Emergencies191
Theme 96Investigatin of Abdominal Pain in Childhood193
Theme 97Investigation of Abdominal Pain in Childhood195
Theme 98Management in Epidemiological Cases197
Theme 99Abnormal Movements and Movement Disorders199
Theme 100Common or Improtant Adverse Effect or Drugs201
Theme 101Choice of Radiological Investigations203
Theme 102Epidemiology205
Theme 103Antidotes in Poisoning207
Theme 104Diagnosis of Skin Lesions209
Theme 105Diagnosis of Shock and Collapse in Children211

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