En Garde!: Swashbuckling Skirmish Wargames Rules

En Garde!: Swashbuckling Skirmish Wargames Rules


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En Garde! is a small-scale skirmish game based on the successful Ronin rules, in which small groups of warriors fight each other for honour or riches. Rather than just rolling a few dice, the rules allow players to make tactical decisions about how the models that they control will fight - offensively, defensively, or by applying special skills and abilities. En Garde! covers the conflicts of the 16th, 17th and early 18th centuries, when black-powder weapons started to become common in battle but martial prowess still determined the outcome.

Play as Border Reivers, Conquistadors, Landsknechts, Aztecs, French Musketeers, Caribbean Pirates and many more, in scenarios that evoke classic engagements of the genre. Sub-plots (secondary objectives for each side) have also been introduced, making gameplay even more varied and exciting. Simple campaign rules allow multiple scenarios to be played in sequence and permit warbands to develop over time. An appendix is also included to provide brief rules for supernatural creatures of the period - monsters, demons, revenants and witches - and new abilities and equipment to fight them, making En Garde! the perfect ruleset for gamers who want something a bit different from the norm.

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ISBN-13: 9781472810748
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication date: 01/19/2016
Series: Osprey Wargames Series , #12
Pages: 64
Sales rank: 840,227
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Craig Woodfield is a defence analyst from Canberra, Australia, and has previously written for magazines such as Slingshot and Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. He is the author of three wargaming supplements: Legion (for Warhammer Ancient Battles), Imperium (for Crusader) and Trajan's Dacian Wars (for Hail Caesar). He has a long-standing interest in martial arts and military history. The author lives in Wanniassa, Australia.

Table of Contents

Introduction 4

What You Need to Play En Garde! 5

Models 5

Basic Principles 6

Turn Sequence 6

Priority Phase 6

Determine Priority 7

Move Phase 7

1 Move 10

2 Use a Missile Weapon 11

3 Remove a Reload Counter 11

4 Mount or Dismount 12

5 Hide or Rest 12

6 Aim 12

7 Issue an Order 12

8 Take a Special Action 13

Combat Phase 13

Combat 13

Combat Procedure 14

Making an Attack 15

Ploys 15

Multiple Combats 16

Initiating a New Combat 16

Which Weapon? 16

Wounds 16

Wound Descriptions 17

Wound Table 17

Combat Example 18

End Phase 19

1 Test Morale 19

2 Remove Stunned Counters 20

3 Check Victory Conditions 20

Arms and Armour 21

Close Combat Weapons 21

Missile Weapons 21

Ordinance 22

Armour 22

Mounts 23

Special Rules 23

Attributes 23

Banners 25

Civilians 25

Duels 25

Mounts 25

Objects 27

Poison 27

Ships 27

Wagons 27

Creating a Warband 28

Warband Type 28

New Warbands 28

Sample Warbands 30

Landsknechts 30

The Three Musketeers 31

The Cardinal's Guard 32

Conquistadors 34

Aztecs 36

Border Reivers 38

English Civil War 39

Swashbucklers 41

Ottoman Empire 43

Other Periods 45

Scenarios 46

Setting up the Game 46

Skirmish 48

Capture 48

Duel 49

Defence 50

Escort 51

Hold the Bridge 51

Occupy 52

Raid 53

Campaigns 53

Progression 54

Appendix A Simplified attack procedure 55

Appendix B The Fantastical 56

Appendix C Inspiration and Further Reading 60

Quick Reference 61

Warband Roster 64

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