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Encounter With God

Encounter With God

by Anastasia Gitau


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Does God really answer prayer? Is there a higher power in operation that is within our reach? This book will increase your faith in God. It will help you understand and reach out to the tangible supernatural power of God as the author takes you through events in her life that are true and inspiring.

If you are a believer, it will affirm your faith in God and the power of prayer. It will strengthen you and rejuvenate your faith. If you have a need in your life this book will dare you to believe and to reach out to the power above for your desired answers.

Do you have a dream that seems unattainable? This book will help you know that nothing is impossible with God and that you can achieve your desired goals through the power of prayer.

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ISBN-13: 9781449099596
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/17/2010
Pages: 120
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.44(d)

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Encounter with God

True Stories of Supernatural Provision and the Power of Prayer
By Anastasia Gitau


Copyright © 2010 Anastasia Gitau
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-9960-2

Chapter One

It Is My Book

James 1:5 But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God who gives to all liberally and without reproach; and it will be given to him.

For quite some time, I had the desire to write a book and share the goodness of God with other people. I have always felt inspired to share with others that prayer works, that God hears us, and that He is a loving God, who is always near us.

For some reason, I could not get my thoughts organized about how I wanted to write the book. I could not come up with the title of the book, either.

When my last baby was born, I was so busy with the care of the baby and other children plus household duties that the idea of a book just seemed like an impossibility. As the baby grew and work became a little easier for me, I started feeling inside of me that I wanted to do something else. But what?

I started fasting and praying earnestly to God, asking for wisdom and direction in my life. One day, I woke up with these words singing in my heart: "Thank you, God, for answering my prayers." In my spirit, I felt my heart and my mind say these words over and over again. My heart could not stop.

Then, as if a lightbulb had been switched on, I saw the mental picture of a book. I got out of bed quickly and said, "Thank you, God, for answering my prayers." This was the moment of revelation for my book! I had a revelation of what my book was going to be about. I cannot begin to explain the feeling at that moment, but that was when I realized that my book was going to have something to do with answered prayers.

I took my notebook and wrote down thoughts as they came to me. That early morning, at 6:00, my book was born. The Holy Spirit had opened a well in me that nothing was going to stop.

When my husband came home from work, I told him what had happened that morning, and he encouraged me to write the manuscript. God had answered my prayer in a way that I was not expecting. Through revelation, He gave me the wisdom and direction that I needed. He enlightened my mind to see what I could not see before and to do what I had not been able to do. All glory and honor be to Him for the completion of this work.

When I think of that moment, the words of Isaiah 58:8 fill my heart: "Then your light will break forth like the dawn." And Isaiah 58:10: "Then your light will rise in the darkness and your night will become like the noonday."

Father God, teach me to be teachable. Teach me to know your will for my life. When I am lost Show me the way Teach me always to choose your will Above, that of mine. When the direction of my life is not clear Light the path for me. Teach my spirit to be still That I may hear your voice When my life seems to be cluttered Help me gather what I have scattered And scatter what I have gathered. Teach me always to submit to your holy will.

A Sponsor

Matthew 7:7-8 Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives, and he who seeks finds and to him who knocks it will be opened.

After completing my studies at the University of Nairobi, I wanted to continue my studies and obtain a master's degree. But what was I thinking? It did not seem in anyway possible for me to have a university education abroad. Anyhow, I told my dad of my desire, and just as I expected, he said to me, "There is no way that we can afford that, and you know it." Physically, that was true, for I knew that my family was not able to sponsor my education abroad. But, on the other hand, I knew the truth of the word of God. Jesus told us in Matthew 21:22, "And whatever things you ask in prayer believing you will receive." I hung onto this, and I started my application.

I contacted Michigan State University and asked them to send me an application. I started the process but soon hit a snag, because I did not have a sufficient sponsor for my application to be complete. When I received a letter saying that I had no sufficient sponsor, I was truly heartbroken. I had no answer. I knew no one who could sponsor me, which meant only one thing: my dream was dead.

I remember this was a Saturday afternoon. After brainstorming without success, I went to bed very sad. In the morning, as I was getting ready to go to church, I started to cry. I knelt down in my room and prayed to God. I remember saying these words to God, "You have told us in your word that if we ask we shall receive. I am not letting go until you have answered my prayer. Send me an angel with the answer that I seek. I am going to fast until I see manifestation of my prayer." I was sad as I went to church that day. But I kept talking to God and thanking Him for my answer.

After church was over, a good friend of mine (a nun) came over to say hi to me, and she asked why I looked so sad. At that moment, I started talking to her about how I was planning to continue with my studies abroad and how I was encountering difficulty in finding a sponsor. I started sharing with her the whole application process.

She asked me what I was planning to study, and I explained to her that I was going to study educational administration and leadership. At the time, she was involved in the education of girls and building a school for girls. She told me, "Let's go home and see if maybe what you are looking for we can provide."

I never imagined that God could use her to bring my answer. She actually agreed to help me and provided me with all the documents that were needed to complete my application. Not only that, she gave me the spiritual and moral support that I needed throughout the whole process. What an awesome God we serve!

Father God, when the going gets tough Give me the strength to get tougher. Increase my faith To reach out to the impossible For if you created the earth And all that is in it Then there is no dream of mine That you cannot fulfill If only I dare to believe And ask according to your will.


Matthew 18:19-20 "When two or three shall agree as touching anything here on earth, that my Father in heaven shall do."

In 2004, I injured my back in a car accident. The insurance company was paying my lost wages. Then, after a while, they stopped. So, we had little money; after paying rent and the major bills, we barely had anything left over.

One evening, my son, who was about three and a half years old at the time, started to cry that he wanted pizza. I explained to him that we had no money to buy pizza. I told him that the next time I got some money, I would buy him a pizza. My son could not understand why his mommy had no money to buy the pizza that he so much wanted, and which was also his favorite food.

At that time, he continued to cry more loudly, and he became very fussy. My heart was broken with the knowledge that I could not provide something as trivial as a pizza for my son. I picked up my son and told him, "Jude, you know that God is our provider, and He will provide when we ask Him to. Let's pray and agree that God is going to send someone with a pizza for you."

We held hands, and I prayed, "God, you have told us in your word that where two or three shall agree, anything here on earth you will do it. Jude and I agree that you will send someone to bring pizza for him. Thank you, Jesus, for hearing our prayer. Amen." Then I asked Jude to say, "I agree, amen." After that, he calmed down, and the issue of pizza did not come up again.

The following evening, I was taking a nap after taking my medication. I heard a knock at the door, but I did not open the door immediately. The knock persisted, so I got out of bed to see who was at the door. When I opened it, a lady whose son played with my son on several occasions was standing at the door. She said to me, "I have been standing here for a while. Why are you not opening your door for me?" I told her that I wanted to rest, as I was not feeling well. Then she continued, "I took my son out for pizza, and we thought that it would be a good idea to bring some for Jude. Let me go back to the car and bring it here for him."

I was overwhelmed. I called my son and told him, "Remember you asked God to send someone with pizza for you?" He replied, "Yes, Mama." Then I said to him, "Well, God did it!"

Father God, today I thank you For all your goodness. I thank you for the big blessings And, the small ones, as well. Forgive me for the times I have Forgotten to thank you For the times that I have taken for granted The blessings that you have brought into my life Teach me always to be grateful And never to grumble for what I have not.

A Friend in Time of Need

Philippians 4:6-7 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

When I moved to East Lansing to attend Michigan State University, I knew nobody there. I had a distant cousin who lived in the East Lansing area, but when it was time for me to enter the MSU community, she had already moved to another state. I did not know what my experience there would be.

Moving to another country without anybody I knew seemed like a big challenge. At the same time, I was expecting my first child. Inside my heart, I had a deep conviction that God was with me, and, "He would never leave me nor forsake me." So, I started praying to God to send me someone with whom I would be able to share about God. I asked God to send me someone with a patient and loving heart. Someone who would help me, show me around till I was able to settle down.

When I contacted my cousin who had moved to another state, she did me a great favor. She called one of her friends and asked her if she wanted a roommate. Her friend was very excited to have me live with her.

After staying with the lady for about two weeks, I observed that she was a good Christian who loved to talk about God. So, we spent a lot of time talking about faith and spirituality. We prayed together and went to church together. To me, she became like a big sister. This is one person I have never been able to thank enough. She was really kind and generous to me.

I felt very comfortable talking to her, and I shared with her about myself. After I shared with her that I was expecting a child, her heart was filled with compassion. She shared with me how difficult it was for her when she was expecting her child, because her husband was not yet here in the country with her. She told tell me that because of all the struggles she had gone through-having a baby with her husband out of the country-she had promised God that if she ever came across someone with a baby who was without a spouse, she would help them with all her might.

Both of us were very surprised to learn of each other's circumstances. We became convinced that it was not a coincidence we were together but a divine appointment. We became convinced that we were an answer to each other's prayer. I lived with this dear lady for five months. When I went to have my baby, she was there for me. She took care of my baby and me, just as a mother would take care of her own.

She helped me beyond what I can describe with words. All the time that I stayed with her, she fed me and let me stay without paying rent, since I had no job. She also helped me apply for a job where she worked. She was there for me until I was able to get a car and a place of my own.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank this lady and pray that God may bless her for all the kindness she showed me. Only God could have touched her heart for her to do what she did for my baby and me. Thank you, God, for good people who live among us!

Father God, open the eyes of my heart, That I may see the needs of others Today I will be your hands and feet To reach out to that one That you have sent along my path Use me to comfort those in need And never to turn away from those Whom you have sent my way. Show me the way To bring joy and comfort to others And never to tire When the duty of charity Knocks on my door. Let me always be aware That when I serve my brothers and sisters I am on a divine appointment.

Clothes for the Baby

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

When I was expecting my first child, I was in so much need. Financially, I was not ready. I had no job. I was new in the country. I had no relatives around, and the only person I knew was the lady who had kindly hosted me in the hope of being future roommates. Days were getting close, and I had no clothes for the new baby. I did not even know where I could get help

One day alone and in desperation, I broke down in tears and began sobbing. Desperately, I cried out to God to provide clothes and basic necessities for the child. Later that day, I called Bethany Christian Services, and I told them that I was in need and needed to talk to someone. Someone called me back, and she told me that she was a social worker and would like to come and see me.

She came to see me the following morning, and I told her my problem. I told her that I was about to have a baby, and I was not prepared. I told her that I had no clothes or supplies for the baby. I told her that I did not know what to do, as I was about eight months pregnant at the time.

The social worker was very touched by my situation, and I could see her eyes well up with tears, as I continued to tell her of my situation. She explained to me the services they offer at Bethany. She told me that they did not provide clothing and supplies for the baby; rather, they are an adoption agency. I told her that I was not interested in adoption. After pouring out my heart to her, she told me that she felt sorry that she was not able to help me. I thanked her for coming and told her that it felt good just being able to talk to her. Then she said good-bye and went back to her office.

After she left, I knelt, sobbing and crying out to God. I remember saying, "God, I know you are real. Show up in my life at this moment, when I am desperately in need. Answer my prayer for the glory of your name."

Later that afternoon, the social worker from Bethany called me. In a very excited voice, she said, "You will not believe what news I have for you. When I came back to the office, someone called here and said that they felt moved to help someone with clothes and necessities for a newborn baby. The couple wanted to know if we knew of anyone, and they would be glad to drop the items at our office."

I was overwhelmed; this was a very dramatic answer to my prayers. The social worker was amazed, and she told me that no one had called them before with that kind of offer. She told me she was also amazed because of how it coincided with my situation. She told me that the couple was willing to deliver the items personally. She asked me if she could give them my number so they could call me.

So, the couple called, and we arranged for them to deliver the baby items to me. They were very pleasant to talk to. They asked me to tell them all the things I needed for the baby, and they would bring them to me. The couple was so kind and compassionate to me, beyond what my words are able to say.

After church the following Sunday, they brought me all the items, both what I had asked and what I had not asked for. For a whole year, my baby had everything that he needed.


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Table of Contents

It Is My Book....................1
A Sponsor....................5
A Friend in Time of Need....................13
Clothes for the Baby....................18
Brother Returns Home....................23
Debt-Free Car....................27
A Job Contract....................32
Debt-Free Graduate Studies....................36
Healed of breathing Problems....................40
Healing of Leg....................44
A Miracle for Mom's Friend....................49
School for Son....................53
House Saved....................61
An Angel on the Highway....................66
Please Help My Baby!....................71
It's Another Boy!....................76
Finally, a House....................81
God Will Make a Way....................88

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