Encounters with Evil

Encounters with Evil

by Richard Red Leaf


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Author Richard Red Leaf, writes of a bizarre, demonic inspired death plot in the early spring of 1944 resulting in the tragic accidental death of his older brother.

June 10, 1974. The story tells of being satanically mesmerized and a deceptive psychological brainwashing that subsequently transpired.

October 17, 1974. Satan ultimately possessed the Red Leaf family and revealed a counterfeit visual image of future end-time events, culminating in the subsequent rapture of Christian believers and souls dealing with systemized evil after being left-behind.

. In Encounters With Evil, Richard Red Leaf writes of a 30-year period that demonic spirits relentlessly stalked and influenced parts of his life pattern.

. Included in Red Leaf's true story are detailed chilling events that finally lead to a chaotic home invasion by evil spirits and ultimately demonic possession.

. Is prevention of murderous evil possible? After reading you may recognize the shrewd yet ominous signs that are often overlooked.

. Encounters With Evil will enable you to recognize the subtle signs of evil presence and learn methods to neutralize demonic activity in the home.

. Prophetic end time events are described including a glimpse of Heaven and a detailed description of Hell.

Finally, Red Leaf describes the chilling, mind numbing moments, using a detailed calendar of events, to depict the process and phases of possession. Included in the book are informative early identification methods and prevention indicators described to prevent seductive malevolent spirit activity.

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