Encyclopedia of Linear Octave Displacement: Pentatonic

Encyclopedia of Linear Octave Displacement: Pentatonic

by Jonathan Rogerson


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Octave Displacement is the technique of transposing pitches up or down an octave within a musical phrase. This idea has been employed by many 20th and 21st century composers, modern jazz musicians, and even progressive metal and electronic artists. When executed, it can create anything from a kaleidoscopic tapestry of intervallic sounds to a subtle, well placed rhythmic accent of one displaced note.

In the Encyclopedia of Linear Octave Displacement, Jonathan Rogerson codifies the practice of octave displacement by superimposing specific displacement patterns over familiar scale material. If you have ever been curious about the subject but haven't been able to figure out where to begin or what to practice, this book is a must! In this Pentatonic edition every exercise is repeated on every note of the scale to cover all the modes of melodic minor over the whole fretboard. The displacement patterns start off simple and get progressively complex. Tablature is included to show how these challenging ideas fit across the neck. While this book is written from a guitarist's perspective primarily to guitarists, it is not a guitar book exclusively. All examples are in treble clef and can be applied to any instrument. Are you ready to expand the possibilities of your playing?

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