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Encyclopedia of United States-Latin American Relations

Encyclopedia of United States-Latin American Relations

by Thomas Leonard, Jeffrey a Segal

Editorial Reviews

VOYA - Hilary Crew
This is the first comprehensive reference work that focuses on the interaction between the United States and Latin America from the 1800s to the present. The signed, in-depth entries cover a wide range of topics. There are lengthy entries for each Latin American nation's history of interaction with the United States. Other entries include biographies of those who have been involved in mutual interactions, wars and treaties, individual institutions, organizations and companies, and trade agreements. Specific topics range, for example, from "Manifest Destiny" to "Drug Trafficking." There are entries under individual export crops, such as bananas and coffee. Each entry is followed by references and suggested reading. They are arranged alphabetically across three volumes. Each volume has a separate index. Although academic in approach, this set would be useful for high school students. The introduction offers a useful summary of the history of the relations between Latin America and the United States divided by historical periods. There are entries for each U.S. president from Thomas Jefferson to the present, and for U.S. secretaries of state, as well as for people ranging from Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez to philosopher, Jose Ortega y Gasset. Pertinent topics such as immigration policies, drug laws, and NAFTA are well covered. There are a couple entries about sports: the "Soccer War, 1969" and "Baseball." There is not an abundance of illustrations; maps and black-and-white photographs are interspersed in the text. This is a high-quality reference work appropriate for public and high school libraries. Reviewer: Hilary Crew
Library Journal
This resource is by far the most comprehensive gathering of information about the political and economic (and, to a lesser extent, social and cultural) interactions between the United States and countries in Central and South America over the past 200-plus years. Leonard (history, Univ. of North Florida; Encyclopedia of Latin America) offers more than 800 alphabetically arranged articles ranging in scope from "Puerto Rico, U.S. Relations with" to "Immigration Policy, United States" and from "Soccer War, 1969 (Honduras/El Salvador)" to "Villa, Francesco 'Pancho.'" Though visual material is limited to a thin scattering of simply drawn maps and dark black-and-white photos, even the more narrowly focused articles explore their topics in extensive detail. Every entry closes with multiple See references and suggestions for further reading. The editors stick to topics directly related to international relations and with rare exceptions—e.g., "Baseball," "Mexico City Olympics," "Nazi Activities in Latin America, World War II"—make no effort to encourage general browsing. VERDICT Still, since academic interest in, and U.S. involvement with, Latin America has intensified in recent years, reference collections supporting serious academic study of our neighbors to the south will find no better way to update and expand the information available in older titles such as David W. Dent's Historical Dictionary of U.S.-Latin American Relations (Greenwood, 2005) than to purchase this set.—John Peters, formerly with NYPL

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