End of the Jews: Radical Breaks, Remakes and What Comes Next

End of the Jews: Radical Breaks, Remakes and What Comes Next

by Dr. Dan Mendelsohn Aviv


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ISBN-13: 9781926780078
Publisher: Key Publishing House Incorporated, The
Publication date: 04/16/2012
Pages: 235
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Dr. Dan Mendelsohn Aviv has been engaged in Jewish learning as an educator, lecturer, professor, and published scholar for almost twenty years. Having spent three years creating an alternative model for informal education, he recently returned to his greatest passion-classroom instruction at the Toronto Heschel School. He is also an itinerant blogger and loves his MacBook almost as much as he loves his darling Noaand and his children Maayan, Heala, and Tal.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Radical Breaks and Remakes ix

Part I Jewish History in About 30,000 Words or Less 1

Chapter 1 Animal Sacrifice, or Where the Story of the Jews Begins 3

Chapter 2 Deuteronomy, or the First Crisis, Radical Break and Remake 10

Chapter 3 The Exile, or the Second Crisis, Radical Break and Remake 18

Chapter 4 The Return to Zion, or the Third Crisis, Radical Break and Remake 34

Chapter 5 The Romans, or the Fourth Crisis, a Not-so-Radical Break and Rabbinic Remake 51

Chapter 6 The "Crisis" of Emancipation, a Self-Driven Radical Break and Modern Remake 89

Part II Where We Are Today—the Four "D"s 103

Chapter 7 Disaffiliation 105

Chapter 8 Demographic Delay 121

Chapter 9 Disaffection 128

Chapter 10 Dissolution l43

Part III The Remake, or What Comes Next 153

Chapter 11 You Have 600,000 Friends-Protean Tribalism and the New Jewish Community 155

Chapter 12 The People of the (Open Source) Book 168

Chapter 13 Jewish Learning Un/Tethered 196

A Conclusion 214

Bibliography 218

Index 229

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