End Times 5775

End Times 5775

by Mark F Kalita


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End Times 5775 by Mark F Kalita

Within the eschatology of the three world religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, there is found a common thread concerning an individual judgment day and the final destiny of humankind. Many throughout the ages have tried to determine when these end times would be based on prophecy, clues and descriptions. From the prophets and prophecies within the Judaic scriptures found in the "Tanakh", we find a remarkable vision of both the wrath of God and a seemingly unattainable vision of a golden age where humanity will finally live together in a paradise. As Christianity and Islam are within the same religious stream the archangels guided humanity through, these three world religions carry similar beliefs surrounding these prophetic end time events.

"End Times 5775" has decoded these prophetic visions using the ancient Judaic Jubilee calendar along with the prophecies of the book of "Daniel". Verified by the Christian book of "Revelation", modern prophecies and scientific bible codes found by "Torah" researchers in Israel, this year, 2014 CE, has been found to be the start of those elusive end times forseen by the ancient prophets of Israel over 2500 years in our past.

Along with the ground breaking news that this year is the beginning of the end times, "End Times 5775" also shows, through these very same prophetic writings, how the archangels led by the archangel Michael have been instrumental in guiding humanity to the Light of God since the beginning of our recorded history. Not only does "End Times 5775" reveal the dates of the end times, this amazing study also reveals the truth about the religions of men, the purpose of our path through life and the coming golden age as humanity transverses through the self made tribulations of living and choosing the darkness of our lives.

Instead ofrelying on fear and the misconceptions of error, the end times are brought into the Light, dispelling the darkness of the world. "End Times 5775" is a must read if you expect to be successful when the Light of the world is upon us. Why be as the unbelievers of the world who will mock the testimony? Don't be one of the multitude who rejoice and make merry because the witness is dead. Understand the truth of the end times and the plan God has for humanity.

Follow the Light and you will be successful!

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