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Ending Violent Crime Cheaply and Permanently

Ending Violent Crime Cheaply and Permanently

by Medicine Story


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The author of this book has spent four decades in community formation and healing work. He is an elder, storyteller, and keeper of the lore for the Assonet Band of the Wampanoag nation. He is a veteran of the Korean War. He has run prison rehab programs in three states, as well. The usual recidivism rate for persons released from incarceration is around 80%, after five years. The recidivism rate out of his rehab programs, run by volunteers, was about 15%. He has said he could get that down to zero, with enough support. I believe it. I have met graduates of his programs, and I'd have no problem with them being in my neighborhood. There are really two choices in life- love, or fear, expressed as kindness, or violence. Each is a gift that keeps on giving. People experience them, and pass them on. The basic method is the Native American "Medicine", or healing, circle, in which participants offer respectful attention and support to each other. The author gives presentations in several European countries, each year, on subjects related to community healing. Speaking as an editor, I was amazed to see all the author does. We were able to arrange a Spanish translation of the work. This book was at one time available on a U.S. Department of Justice website, though we've not seen it there for a few years now. In Connecticut, the social worker Ralph Cheyney was famous for moving his family into a halfway house, some years ago, to show that persons formerly incarcerated are not dangerous. Medicine Story, aka Manitonquat, goes even further, helping persons who have grown up with severe, repeated trauma, no-one they could trust, growing up, become contributing members of society- as a volunteer. His program is far cheaper to run, than any other, and wastes far less human capital. I have met graduates of his programs, and I'd be delighted to have them in my neighborhood. Manitonquat says he could reach the heart of the worst criminal, given the time, and resources. I believe it. He is truly gifted. We are honored to be able to present this to the public.

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