Endless Night

Endless Night

by Maureen A. Miller

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ISBN-13: 9781426891618
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 05/16/2011
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 273,217
File size: 513 KB

About the Author

USA TODAY Bestselling author, Maureen A. Miller because a Romantic Suspense author with her first novel, WIDOW'S TALE, which was nominated for a Golden Heart by the Romance Writers of America. A fan of the old Gothic romances, Maureen enjoys the formula of danger, romance, dark cliffs, and sinister houses. All these elements can be found in her romantic thriller, ENDLESS NIGHT.

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Victory Cove, ME

Dear Jake,

Illness and the need for you to understand your heritage have finally given me the courage to write to you. I know you went to good parents. I have my mother to thank for that. I want you to find her, Jake. I want you to find my mother. Her name is Estelle Wakefield.

I wish I had an admirable reason for not contacting you sooner, something valiant like I didn't want to disturb your life. But the truth is simply guilt.

I loved you, son. In my dreams, I still see the gold in your eyes, eyes that looked so much like your father's. If only you had known him.

It's hard for me to write now. I have to end this letter. Find Estelle, Jake. Find Estelle, and find your heritage.

That was how it started.

A mysterious letter from a woman who, after thirty-five years of silence, finally decided to make contact with her alleged son.

Now eight hours from home, Jake Grogan was following futile internet directions to a town that didn't even register on Google maps.

Am I insane?

Also adopted, Jake's sister, Sara, was mostly to blame for this crazy endeavor. Hell, she practically pushed him out the door with the closest directions she could manage programmed into his Droid phone. Her enthusiasm spurred on Jake's curiosity.

Something in the woman's words, the woman in the letter, the woman who claimed to be his mother. Something sounded so poignant. So mysterious. It was worth investigating.

Or maybe he was just looking for an excuse to leave Boston for a while. The Adams Tower project, which he had slaved over for more than a year, was finally complete. To that very same project, he'd sacrificed a relationship, like offering up a virgin to the voracious manufacturing gods.

Well, she was no virgin.

Perhaps this trip was just self-amnesty for a lifestyle that kept him too busy to cultivate personal interaction or even have the incentive to do so.

Or perhaps—he was just damn curious.

It must have been his fifth pass down the same road. Victory Cove had one main thoroughfare, an elevated street scarred with potholes big enough to swallow a small child. Antique shops and restaurants lined one side, and a craggy shoreline tapered off the other as successive gray waves sprayed against the shore. Lobster boats cosseted together, bobbed in the swells waiting for spring and their grand release from the jetty.

Grayson Path.

The gas-station attendant said that Wakefield House was on Grayson Path.

Rain plastered the windshield, the wipers ineffective against the deluge. Jake leaned forward and squinted until the profile of a lighthouse was visible atop a rocky sea cliff. The structure was tall, with a white masonry surface, its lantern and gallery painted black. He waited a breath for the beacon to flash and was dismayed when it remained dark.

Past the lighthouse. You can't miss it.

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Endless Night 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
AMR0406 More than 1 year ago
This was another great book by Maureen A. Miller! It was full of suspense and romance. I like how the romance is throughout the book - sometimes the little kisses or looks at one another are all at one part of the book (the end), but these were along the way which I like. The suspense was definitely there because I was exhausted by the end of the book (in a good way) as I felt the storm and all the emotions from the characters. Meg was fighting for her life and felt the path she chose was the only way. I was relieved when she finally could let Jake in to help her unload some of her burden (even though she did not want to). I kept thinking more was going to be uncovered about Jake's past, but in the end I think the way everything turned out was appropriate. I would highly recommend this book.
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was the first book by Maureen A. Miller that I have read. I thought the synopsis sounded interesting and decided to give it a go. The story was entertaining but it was sort of lacking for me. It sort of rang like a Nicholas Sparks book, you know what I am talking about, where you know within the first chapter how the book is going to end. Some parts were a little unbelievable to me, like the simple fact that if I thought I had a mercenary in my house that was sent to kill me, I wouldn't care if he froze to death sitting in his car throughout the night, actually I would be praying that lightening struck him on his way to the car and I certainly wouldn't invite him in to spend the night so that he can wait out the storm. However, the story was still entertaining and had me reading more. Even though some parts were a little hard to swallow there was still the fact that there was a mad man on the loose looking for her and she was fighting for her life. I liked seeing the transition from feral Meg to normal Meg.
ChambersGirl More than 1 year ago
"That night..." she hesitated, "...was endless. It still hasn't ended." One year ago while working late, Margaret Simmons witnessed a murder. Panicked by the sight, she fled Boston and found solitude & anonymity in Victory Cove, Maine. She changed her name to Megan Summers and picked up hobbies such as self defense, target practice, and superior nighttime navigation - skills she hopes will give her an advantage over anyone hunting her... Curious to learn about his heritage, Jake Grogan is lured to Victory Cove by a letter written by his birth mother. At the suggestion of some of the townsfolk, Jake makes his way to Wakefield House - his grandmother's home. Instead of finding his grandmother, however, he comes face to face with a hauntingly beautiful Megan Summers and she's all too eager to force him from the porch into the unfriendly Maine storms. Determined not to leave Victory Cove empty handed, Jake returns to Wakefield House and through divine intervention - or Mother Nature - he ends up stranded with the beautiful but hostile young Wakefield House resident. Extenuating circumstances thrust upon them, Megan and Jake find solace and strength in each other. Will these new discoveries protect them from the physical and emotional forces that threaten to destroy them? Ms. Miller's thrilling tale was told dominantly from Jake's POV, adding to Megan's mysterious past and guarded present. Megan's narration, when voiced, was peppered with current thoughts/feelings as well as a combination of dreams and flashbacks, giving readers a glimpse into the nightmare Megan has been living. The characters were developed extremely well and remained consistent throughout the novel. Megan, though terrified, was determined, brave, and self reliant. Jake was strong, caring, and resourceful (MacGyver, anyone?). Their relationship was a beautiful balance of wit, reluctant attraction, and restrained heat. The writing was very well done; Ms. Miller created image provoking descriptions, humorous exchanges, and wonderfully crafted prose. The passage I found most beautiful: <Jake to Megan> "There is a ghost at Wakefield House." Her lips parted, but he continued in a husky tone, "She's so haunting. So beautiful. Pure of heart. Something divine, yet cloaked in shadows. Rooted to this house as if chains were linked about her ankles. Her wings are spread, they pump and pump, but still she can't escape." His smile was sad. "And so she sits, as a sentinel-a prisoner, and waits for someone to come and release her." Overall rating: 3.5 stars out of 5!