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Endometriosis Your best chance to cure it

Endometriosis Your best chance to cure it

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by Sandra Cabot
This book explains in simple terms everything you need to know about endometriosis and outlines the steps that need to be taken to cure it long term.
Many women think there is no hope of really curing this serious disease or falling pregnant once diagnosed with this condition.
With the information in this book, which you can implement in your own life, there


This book explains in simple terms everything you need to know about endometriosis and outlines the steps that need to be taken to cure it long term.
Many women think there is no hope of really curing this serious disease or falling pregnant once diagnosed with this condition.
With the information in this book, which you can implement in your own life, there is an excellent chance, not only of a positive outcome, but a complete cure.
Endometriosis is like a weed - it tends to grow back or recur. Holistic medicine aims to cure this disease and therefore it is recommended that it is used with other treatments.
The information in this book will reduce the need for repetitive laparoscopies, which increase the risk of scar tissue building up in the pelvis and abdomen. Scar tissue can be permanent and increases the risk of infertility, bowel obstructions, constipation and ongoing chronic abdominal or pelvic pain.
Surgery and drugs can remove endometrial implants and cysts but they only treat the end results of the disease; they do nothing to treat the cause or prevent recurrences.
If your immune system is weak and/or your hormones are out of balance, the endometriosis will most likely recur, just like the weeds in your garden; they demand constant vigilance.
The good news is that natural progesterone therapy can often alleviate the symptoms and shrink endometriosis in women of all ages.
But natural progesterone is one of medicine’s best kept secrets!
Learn how to use it in this book!
Case history of a young teenager with endometriosis
Charlotte was only 14 years of age when she began to have very heavy and painful periods. She was missing a lot of school and her mother was worried about the amount of pain killers Charlotte required to control her period pain.
2 months after starting Dr Cabot’s program, Charlotte’s period pains had reduced by over 80% and she was able to cope easily with her menstrual bleeding. Yes, this simple program really works and is wonderful for young women who are too young to take strong hormonal drugs or the contraceptive pill.
Case history of a 35 year old woman with endometriosis
Matilde was a delightful 35 year old woman who had been trying to have a baby for 5 years. In her twenties she had been diagnosed with endometriosis. Her menstrual bleeding was heavy and painful and lasted for 7 days. Matilde had tried IVF on 3 occasions and 2 of these attempts had resulted in early miscarriage and the last attempt had failed to produce a pregnancy. Matilde desired two things – to have a healthy baby naturally and to be rid of her endometriosis.
After considerable tests it became obvious that this woman needed a program to reduce the autoimmune inflammation that was wreaking havoc in her gut and her reproductive tract.
Nine months later Matilde came to see me for a pregnancy test – guess what? - It was positive! She was so excited and so was her sister, as she also not surprisingly had fertility problems. Matilde had a healthy full term pregnancy resulting in a beautiful baby boy.
Case history of Claire
Claire was a 24 year old woman who had been experiencing severe period pains for 6 years and had been diagnosed with endometriosis growing on her ovaries and in the pouch of Douglas behind her uterus. She had already had two laparoscopic surgeries to remove the endometrial deposits but the relief on each occasion had lasted less than a year.
When I first saw Claire it was obvious to me that she had hormonal issues that needed to be addressed if we were going to get this problem under control. I explained to Claire that good health begins in the digestive tract and we had to work on cleaning up her intestines and large bowel.
After 12 months of my program Claire was cured of her endometriosis and no longer had to take any pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs. Her cycle was regular and her period pains were quite bearable. She absolutely loved the natural progesterone, as it had made her moods much better and she had found her old happy self again.
Learn about the holistic treatment for endometriosis
• The correct diet to fight endometriosis
• Recipes and Juices
• Nutritional Supplements to fight endometriosis
• Essential strategies to improve your immune system
• Herbal medicines to fight endometriosis
• Detox your liver and bowels to control it
• Natural progesterone creams and troches
Learn the outstanding and life saving tools to give the best chance of cure –
Early diagnosis and treatment is vital – don’t put up with long term symptoms and suffering or being fobbed off by a doctor who does not recognize that you have endometriosis.
Do not rely upon surgery and/or drugs alone, as the disease will often come back to bite you.
Understand that endometrio

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Meet the Author

Dr Sandra Cabot MBBS, DRCOG

Dr Cabot is the Medical and Executive Director of the Australian National Health Advisory Service. She graduated with honours in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Adelaide in South Australia in 1975.
Dr Cabot began her medical career in 1980 as a GP Obstetrician-Gynaecologist and practised in Sydney Australia. During the mid 1980s she spent time working as a volunteer doctor at the Leyman hospital, which was the largest missionary hospital in Northern India.
Sandra is the author of the Liver Cleansing Diet - best selling non-fiction book of the 90’s and still selling!

Dr Cabot is an experienced commercial pilot and flies herself to seminars throughout Australia, often visiting remote areas. Sandra and her Beechcraft Baron aircraft do regular work for the Angel Flight Charity, which provides free transport for patients with chronic and severe disabilities in remote Australian areas.

Dr Cabot has conducted health seminars all over the world and is frequently asked to lecture for numerous health organisations such as The American Liver Foundation and the Annual Hepatitis Symposium.
She still has an active medical practice and does research into liver diseases. Her unique online liver check up is free and available at www.liverdoctor.com
Dr Cabot believes that the most important health issues for people today are –

*The control of obesity and the prevention of diabetes
*Educating our children about self esteem, good diet and healthy lifestyle
*Making hormone replacement therapy safe and as natural as possible
*The use of specific nutritional supplements to treat and prevent diseases
*Educating doctors and naturopaths so that they can work together using evidence based holistic medicine to achieve the best outcomes for patients
*The effective treatment of mental and emotional illness

A supportive and well educated community where people have the confidence and knowledge to find the best health care


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Endometriosis Your best chance to cure it 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Factually inaccurate. Misstates and lacks proper information and details about the disease thus making the reader wonder what else is inaccurate in the book. Bandies about use of the word "cure" as if it were easily attainable when in fact, there IS NO absolute cure. Alternative therapies can certainly help, but they alone are not the answer and do not replace quality surgery and timely intervention by a specialist. Proceed with caution if you are using this book to help yourself with symptoms of the disease. You would be better off getting an authoritative educational book such as Redwine's 100 Q&A about Endo and Shepperson-Mills Endo: Healing Through Nutrition.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago