Endorphins, Opiates and Behavioural Processes

Endorphins, Opiates and Behavioural Processes



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Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/01/1988
Pages: 372
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Overview of the Endogenous Opioid Systems: Anatomical, Biochemical and Functional Issues (H. Akil, et al.).

Physiological Dependence on Opioids (D. Gmerek).

Opioid Reinforcement Processes (M. Bozarth).

Tolerance, Endorphins and Other Aspects of Opiate Drug Discrimination (F. Colpaert & G. Shearman).

Environmentally Induced Analgesia: Situational Factors, Mechanisms and Significance (R. Rodgers & J. Randall).

Endorphins, Opiates and Food Intake (S. Cooper, et al.).

Evidence for Opioid Involvement in Controls of Drinking and Water Balance (S. Cooper).

The Role of Opioid Mechanisms in Social Interaction and Attachment (D. Benton & P. Brain).

Endorphins and Sexual Behaviour (G. Serra, et al.).

Endorphins, Exploration and Activity (R. Katz).

Opioid Modulation of Learning and Memory: Multiple Behavioral Outcomes (R. Messing).

Endogenous Opioid Systems and Neurobehavioral Development (I. Zagon & P. McLaughlin).

Neurochemical Methods in the Study of the Role of Endorphins in Psychiatric Disorders (F. Nyberg & L. Terenius).

Narcotic Antagonist and Opioid Treatment in Psychiatry (C. Schmauss & H. Emrich).

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