Enduring Geohazards in the Caribbean: Moving from the Reactive to the Proactive

Enduring Geohazards in the Caribbean: Moving from the Reactive to the Proactive

by Serwan M J Baban (Editor)


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Landslides and flooding in the Caribbean are destructive, endemic forces that destroy homes, businesses and schools, cost millions of dollars annually, and can potentially kill thousands of people. Enduring Geohazards in the Caribbean promotes a holistic approach for managing geohazards in the region. The contributors to this collection emphasize a preventive, proactive approach rather than the ongoing reactive one, and they demonstrate and evaluate the use of current approaches and technologies such as geographical information science, remote sensing and geographical positioning systems for managing geohazards.

The book is structured in three parts: the first focuses on landslides; the second on floods; and the third on managing geohazards in small island nations, including the development of early warning systems. The book is useful for both undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in geohazards and geohazards management, geographical information science, remote sensing, engineering, geography, geology, hydrology, environmental sciences and management. Decision makers in government, industry and commerce will find in this compact overview of flooding and landslides in the region the best approaches and technologies for managing them.

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ISBN-13: 9789766402044
Publisher: The University of the West Indies Press
Publication date: 08/28/2009
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     ix
Acknowledgements     xi
Enduring Landslides and Floods in the Caribbean Region   Angella Cropper     1
Modelling Landslides in Tropical Environments   Keith Tovey     15
Planning for Hillside Terrains   Deborah Thomas   Serwan M.J. Baban     40
Developing a GIS-based Landslide Susceptibility Map for Tropical Mountainous Environments   Serwan M.J. Baban   Kamal Sant     64
Using Contemporary Geo-imaging Technologies for Landslide Investigations in Tropical Environments   Raid Al-Tahir   Vernon Singhroy     81
Using GIS for Flood Management and Mitigation in Trinidad and Tobago   Bheshem Ramlal     107
Using GIS for Flood Risk Assessment and Flood Sensitivity Maps for a Watershed in Trinidad and Tobago   Serwan M.J. Baban   Ronnie Kantasingh     124
A New Examination of Floods in the Region: Debris Floods and Debris Flows in the Caribbean   Rafi Ahmad     141
Mapping Flood-prone Areas: A Geoinformatics Approach   Serwan M.J. Baban   Francis Cannisus     157
Geohazards Management
Developing a Proactive Approach to Geohazards Management in Trinidad and Tobago   Serwan M.J. Baban     181
Issues inFlood Risk Management   Andrew Fox     192
Recognizing and Managing Unstable Slopes in Trinidad and Tobago   Serwan M.J. Baban   John B. Ritter     206
Developing Early Warning Systems for Managing Geohazards in the Caribbean   Serwan M.J. Baban   Kelly Aliasgar     225
Beyond Humanitarianism: Building Resilient Communities, Revisiting the Development Dialogue   Jeremy Collymore     244
Contributors     255

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