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Enemies To Lovers Vol 1

Enemies To Lovers Vol 1

Enemies To Lovers Vol 1

Enemies To Lovers Vol 1




Sugar and Spice by Rebel Carter- Daisy Ortiz is certain of two things: 1) A life in Clarity, Alaska is not what she wants and 2) she hates Austin Finnigan. Since childhood, the two have always fought and now as adults their rivalry is as strong as ever---evolving to encompass their competing bakeries. But Clarity was never big enough for a fire like Daisy and Austin, and they might have burned it to the ground if not for one little thing. A fake marriage.

Works Of Friction by Marie Lipscomb- When stuffy English librarian Benjamin finds out that popular American author Orion West is coming to present their work at his library, he anticipates a respectable sci-fi author. What he gets is an erotica-writing, dildo-wielding siren who reawakens a desire in him he long thought lost. When a big, grumpy, and irresistibly sexy librarian makes her unwelcome at her own event, Jess (writing as Orion West) knows how to hold her own. But she soon finds that their animosity does nothing but chip away their armor to reveal the softer sides they have both been hiding

Cul-de-sac Cupid by Lauren Connolly- The best revenge is an extravagantly decorated house. This is the philosophy Diana swears by as she uses an unspoken rivalry with her neighbor as a distraction from her recent heartache. Who can focus on a failed love life when there are three dozen pumpkins to carve? As Diana works to out do the woman across the street, she finds her fascination with her neighbor may be less about the need to win, and more about making sure Melany Buchanan's attention never strays far from her front door.

Loathe To Love by A.Perveen- Mahnoor Baig never thought she'd have to deal with her childhood nemesis, Ishraaq Ayaz Khan, again. Her brother's old best mate who'd tormented her all her life and then promptly disappeared like a locust plague six years ago. Now he's back, not as an enemy but as a more annoying, more virile, more bloody handsome business partner. The look in his eyes, though, is not just professional courtesy, and it sparks an old, primitive instinct inside her. But how does a woman who's had her heart brutally broken trust a man who once vanished without saying goodbye?

Queen Of Thieves by Natalia Andrews- Ramona Martinez lives in a ghost town in a tiny pocket of the Texas coast, haunted by the Irish ruins that are slowly crumbling into the surf below the cliffs. For years descendants of the Irish that once occupied the ruins have threatened to reclaim the land that is rightfully hers. She expects nothing less from Dr. John Brenham, an Irish archeologist who arrives to explore his family's history. Each has so much to lose, and a hurricane only adds pressure to waters already churning with unexpected heat.

The Flip by Inga Gardner- As if flipping a house all by myself wasn't a big enough job, it turns out that Ian Caldwell, the boy I once vowed to hate forever, lives right next door. And he's not a boy anymore. He's most definitely a fully grown man. Well, I can handle this. I'll let him know I still hate his guts and to stay the eff away from me. But what do I do when it turns out he's... nice... and helpful... and kind of funny... and maybe nothing like he was back when I decided he was an absolute snake? What was an easy promise to make might turn out to be a lot more complicated to keep.

Hard To Swallow by Emily Hemenway- When Kat Hansen writes a bad review of his restaurant, she and famed chef Jacques Girard become mortal enemies. Now, after a year of hating each other, can one night at a charity auction heal the rift between them?

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ISBN-13: 9781838203757
Publisher: Violet Gaze Press
Publication date: 02/03/2021
Pages: 390
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.87(d)

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