The Energetics Of Health

The Energetics Of Health

by Iva Lloyd
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Elsevier Health Sciences
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The Energetics Of Health

This manual teaches students and practitioners how to assess health and disease from an energetic perspective. It allows them to integrate energetic concepts into medical practice. Exploring the concept of health and disease from the perspectives of quantum physics and energetic principles, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic medicine and Polarity Therapy, the book uses case histories to illustrate the application of energetic methods to practice. Case histories are accompanied by illustrations and give details of assessment made, treatment recommended and results of treatment. All concepts and practices advocated are critically assessed and supported by evidence.

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ISBN-13: 9780443069550
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 05/01/2009
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Preface ix

The purpose of this book xi

Outline of the book xiii

Acknowledgments xv

Section I Philosophies and Systems of Medicine

Chapter 1 The Changing Perspectives of Health and Medicine from the Ancient Era to the Postmodern Era 3

The ancient era 5

The Middle Ages 6

The Renaissance era 7

The modern era 8

The postmodern era 10

References 11

Chapter 2 Traditional and Complementary Systems of Medicine 13

Ayurvedic medicine 14

Chinese medicine 19

Unani medicine 23

Homeopathic medicine 25

References 27

Chapter 3 Naturopathic Medicine 29

History of naturopathic medicine 30

Naturopathic medical principles and philosophy 30

Naturopathic therapeutics 39

Naturopathic assessment model 39

References 53

Section II Theories, Patterns and Definitions of Health and Disease

Chapter 4 Human Beings as Complex, Dynamic Systems of Energy 59

Waves of light energy 60

Cellular communication 63

The role of water 65

Movement 66

Complex systems 66

References 72

Chapter 5 Symptom Patterns 75

External/internal 76

Excess and deficiency 79

Yin--Yang 81

Five elements 83

Qualities of specific symptoms 89

Symbolism of body parts 92

Assessment concepts and analogies 93

References 98

Chapter 6 Causes of Symptoms and Diseases 101

The naturopathic perspective 102

Factors to consider 104

Nature of symptoms 106

Causal factors 111

References 117

Chapter 7 Health and Disease 119

Health -- the homeodynamic state 120

Disease -- the heterodynamic state 127

Aspects of manifestation 134

References 138

Section III Naturopathic Assessment

Chapter 8 The Therapeutic Encounter 143

Patient--practitioner relationship 145

Theholistic intake 148

Patterns conveyed through language 149

Questioning 159

Willingness to heal 165

Questionnaires 165

Record keeping 168

Assessment outcomes 168

Naturopathic diagnosis 169

References 170

Chapter 9 Physical Assessment 173

Physical structure 175

Gait assessment 181

Assessment of joints 182

Breathing 183

Tongue assessment 185

Pulse diagnosis 188

Face and special senses 191

Teeth 197

Skin 197

Fingers and toes 199

References 206

Chapter 10 Disease Patterns 209

Steps to the assessment of disease patterns 210

Examples of disease patterns 213

References 219

Section IV Treatment Strategies

Chapter 11 Treatment Strategies 223

Satisfactory versus optimal health 224

Risk to life 225

Healing intentions 226

Type of change required 231

Vitality and will 232

Constitutional considerations 233

Treatment considerations 233

References 234

Definitions 235

Index 241

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