Energize Your Heart: In 4 Dimensions

Energize Your Heart: In 4 Dimensions

by Puran Bair, Susanna Bair


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In this remarkable book, Puran and Susanna Bair describe a powerful, authentic method for giving your heart the energy to heal your heart's wounds, recognize the greatness within yourself and others, and to be who you truly are. The authors show how the dimensions of the heart contain the keys to developing qualities such as tolerance and cooperation (width), empathy and compassion (depth), idealism and courage (height), sensitivity (receptive), initiative, drive (forward), and inner peace and the ability to embrace change (inner).

This book gives you a powerful, three-part method of producing in yourself the change you desire. This method is: 1) Recognizing Greatness: how to see in yourself and others the latent quality you seek to develop; 2) Heart Rhythm Meditation (HRM): a simple yet profound method of meditation based on harmonizing your breath and heartbeat; 3) Exercises for Life: how to implement these ideas into your career, your relationships, and your life. If you loved books like The Secret, The Law of Attraction, The Power of Intention, and The Power of Now you'll love this book, for you've learned that the intention in your mind and the feeling in your heart creates your life. This book shows you how to energize your heart so you can create the destiny that is your deepest desire. Thinking positive is just the beginning!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780979526916
Publisher: Living Heart Media
Publication date: 09/28/2007
Pages: 286
Product dimensions: 5.53(w) x 8.41(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures     xi
Introduction     1
The Heart     13
The Nature of the Heart     17
The Physical Heart Center     21
The Emotional-Energetic Heart     27
The Spiritual Heart     33
The Heart and Mind     35
The Goal of the Heart     38
A Model of the Heart     43
The Whole Heart     45
The Width of the Heart     49
The Depth of the Heart     53
The Height of the Heart     59
The forward Dimension     63
The Inner Dimension     67
The Heart of an Organization     72
Working with the Heart's Dimensions     79
Measuring the Dimensions     82
Using the Six Basic Powers     98
Choose a Dimension to Energize     106
Stretching the Heart     117
Using Heart Rhythm Meditation     121
Exercises for Life     126
Reaching the Depth of the Heart     143
Using Heart Rhythm Meditation     146
Exercises for Life     149
Raising the Height of the Heart     171
Using Heart Rhythm Meditation     174
Exercises for Life     179
Extending the Heart Forward     197
Using Heart Rhythm Meditation     200
Exercises for Life     203
Expanding the Inner Heart     203
Using Heart Rhythm Meditation     226
Exercises for Life     231
Conclusion     255
The Exercises for Life     259
The Teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan     265
The Institute for Applied Meditation     267
References     269
Index     277

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Energize Your Heart: In 4 Dimensions 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Murshid on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
E_X_P_A_N_D_I_N_G your heart and its qualities.Yes, yes, the title is "Energize Your Heart" but this is just a side-effect, so to speak, of expanding the dimensions of your heart. This is the second title using the methodology of Heart Rhythm Meditation---the first being, Living from the Heart: Heart Rhythm Meditation for Energy, Clarity, Peace, Joy, and Inner Power. Although this is the second book, it might actually be the best place to start for a beginner as it gives most practical exercises to diagnose one's heart's dimensions and then expand them. In considering different levels of our hearts---physical, emotional and deep inner spirit level---most adults have a sense of how it feels to have restrictions or wounds or compromises with or within their hearts. Expanding at any of these levels brings ease and openings that might translate into health, well-being and a more radiant influence on the world around us, however we might express these. What is expanded and expressed are the dimensions of the heart or the qualities of our being that comprise aspects of the heart and emanate from it. For example, (-height-) idealism and optimism; (-depth-) empathy and sincerity; (-width-) receptivity and influence; (-forward-) generosity and creativity; (-inner-) capacity for growth and love. If you are one that would like to dive right in, jump to Chapter 4, Stretching the Heart, and do as many of the easy steps as you can. Feel your way into how broad your heart actually is ........ and most importantly, read and reflect on the "Exercises for Life" related to these steps. These brief statements of principles are, by themselves, well worth the price of this book---there are 8 for each dimension. They are summarized according to correlated dimensions, in Appendix 1. For example: Depth of the Heart, "Reveal your innermost being with dignity; by so doing, you teach others how the heart operates." This is "applied" meditation so always be alert for some simple change in any of these qualities in yourself and in those around you, as they reflect back what you create and express towards them and the world. Day by day as you practice in this way, the small steps will bring about expansion and ease in all areas of your life. You might just experience, "Aha......this is why people meditate!" Then you will know consciously how you can expand yourself and in the process discover so much more energy in your life and your activities.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Puran and Susanna Bair have produced a classic work on spiritual attainment on the path of the heart. Energize Your Heart is incredibly profound no other book has the depth and richness I've found here. The way the dimensions of the heart are described, the practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation, and the practice of recognizing greatness, and the Exercises for Life add up to a wonderful package.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I admit it, I am a huge fan of the Bairs! I hope that the next book comes out quickly. Heart Rhythm Meditation is an applied meditation that does not require contorting oneself into a yogic pose. EYH, the latest in the HRM series, outlines a method of self assessment that allows one to chose the quality that you wish to work on, compassion, joy, truth or peace. A component of the book includes science that helps support the claims. I highly recommend this book to those beginners or advance meditators who wish a heart centered life.