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Energy Budget in the High Energy Universe: Proceedings of the International Workshop

Energy Budget in the High Energy Universe: Proceedings of the International Workshop

by Katsuhiko Sato, Junji Hisano


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ISBN-13: 9789812700100
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/28/2007
Pages: 412
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     V
Highest Energy Universe
AGASA Results and the Status of TA   M. Fukushima     1
Results from the High Resolution Fly's Eye Experiment   C. C. H. Jui     9
Astrophysical Origins of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays   S. Inoue     17
Cosmic Rays and Magnetic Fields in Large Scale Structure of the Universe   H. Kang     28
Characterization of Microwave Continuum Emission from UHECR Extensive Air Showers   B. T. Stokes   N. G. Lehtinen   P. W. Gorham   G. S. Varner     39
Around the Knee
Cosmic Rays at the Knee   T. K. Gaisser     45
The Anti Matter Spectrometer (AMS-02): A Particle Physics Detector in Space   R. Battiston     56
Cosmic Neutrinos and the Energy Budget of Galactic and Extragalactic Cosmic Rays   F. Halzen     71
Theoretical Aspects of High Energy Neutrinos and GRB   P. Meszaros   S. Razzaque     84
GeV Sky
Precise Measurement of Low Energy (The PAMELA Cosmic Ray Telescope on Board Resurs-DK1 Satellite: An Overview of Heliospheric Observation Capabilities   M. Casolino     102
Particle Acceleration in Kinetic Plasma Processes   M.Hoshino   S. Zenitani   K. Nagata   Y. Takagi     108
The Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission: First Results   N. Gehrels     119
Gamma-Ray Burst: Problems Delineated by HETE-2 and Other Observations   N. Kawai     128
The Non-Thermal High Energy Emission from GRBs - Theoretical Predictions   E. Nakar     136
Explosion Mechanism of Core-Collapse Supernovae and Collapsars   S. Nagataki     146
TeV Sky
Recent Results from CANGAROO   M. Mori     152
Observations of Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources with H.E.S.S.   D. Berge     162
Particle Acceleration in Supernova remnants and the Resulting Nonthermal Emission   H. J. Volk     175
Recent Results from the MAGIC Project and Outlook   J. A. Coarasa     189
All-Sky Survey High Resolution Air-Shower Detector (Ashra)   M. Sasaki     197
TeV Gamma-Rays from Old Supernova Remnants   R. Yamazaki   K. Kohri   A. Bamba   T. Yoshida   T. Tsuribe   F. Takahara     205
The CALET Project for Investigating High Energy Universe   S. Torii     211
MeV and keV Sky
Initial Results from Suzaku   T. Takahashi   K. Mitsuda    H. Kunieda     217
X-Ray Diagnostics of Acceleration Processes   A. Bamba     226
Supernovae in the Universe   S. Yamada     232
Search for Supernova Neutrinos at Super-Kamiokande   M. Nakahata     243
Aspects of Neutrino Production in Supernovae   T. A. Thompson     251
Special Lecture
INTEGRAL   R. Sunyaev   E. Churazov   M. Revnivtsev   S. Sazonov     261
Revealing the Dark TeV Sky: The Atmospheric Cherenkov Imaging Technique for Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy   T. C. Weekes     282
JEM-EUSO Mission to Attach JEM/EF of ISS   T. Ebisuzaki   F. Kajino   M. Nagano   Y. Takizawa   Y. Kawasaki   M. Sato   M. E. Bertaina   T. Sawabe   T. Shibata   N. Sakaki   N. Inoue   Y. Uchibori     303
Propagation of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays above 10[superscript 19] [subscript e]V in a Structured Extragalactic Magnetic Field and Galactic Magnetic Field   H. Takami   H. Yoshiguchi   K. Sato     397
High Energy Neutrino Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts   K. Murase   S. Nagataki     311
Simulation of Salt Neutrino Detector Performance for Ultra High-Energy Neutrino Detection   Y. Watanabe   M. Chiba   Y. Takayama   M. Fujii   O. Yasuda   F. Yabuki   Y. Shibasaki   T. Kamijo   Y. Chikashige   T. Kon   A. Amano   Y. Takeoka   Y. Shimizu   S. Mori   S. Ninomiya   M. Utsumi     315
Measurement of Attenuation Length for UHF Radio Wave in Natural Rock Salt Samples Concerning Ultra High Energy Neutrino Detection   M. Chiba   Y. Watanabe   Y. Takayama   M. Fujii   O. Yasuda   F. Yabuki   Y. Shibasaki   T. Kamijo   Y. Chikashige   T. Kon   A. Amano   Y. Takeoka   Y. Shimizu   S. Mori   S. Ninomiya   M. Utsumi     319
Particle Acceleration by Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence   J. Cho   A. Lazarian     323
SU(2)[subscript L]-Triplet Dark Matter and HEAT Anomaly in Cosmic Positron Experiment   S. Matsumoto   J. Hisano   O. Saito   M. Senami     327
Cosmic Gamma-Ray Background Anisotropy from Dark Matter Annihilation   S. Ando   E. Komatsu     331
High Energy Cosmic Rays, Neutrinos, and Photons from Gamma-Ray Bursts   K. Asano     335
Damping of Fast Modes of MHD Turbulence and Electron Acceleration in Solar Flares   H. Yan     339
Optical Measurements for CANGAROO-III   R. Kiuchi   M. Yuasa   M. Ohishi   A. Kawachi   M. Mori     345
Consideration of Cassegrain Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes   Y. Yukawa   M. Mori   T. Yoshikoshi     349
Influence of a Non-Dipole Magnetic Field on the Peak Energies of Cyclotron Absorption Lines   O. Nishimura     353
Magnetorotational Collapse of Very Massive Stars: Formation of Jets and Black Holes   Y. Suwa   T. Takiwaki   K. Kotake   K. Sato     357
Relativistic Jets in Population III Supernova and Extremely Metal-Poor Stars   N. Tominaga   H. Umeda   K. Nomoto   K. Maeda   N. Iwamoto     361
Core-Collapse Very Massive Stars: Evolution, Explosion, and Nucleosynthesis of Population III 500-1000 M[Characters not reproducible] Stars   T. Ohkubo   H. Umeda   K. Nomoto   T. Suzuki   K. Maeda   S. Tsuruta   M. J. Rees     365
The Properties of the Unique Type Ib Supernova 2005bf and Implications for the difference between Type Ib/c Supernovae   M. Tanaka   N. Tominaga   K. Nomoto   K. Maeda   P. A. Mazzali   J. Deng     369
Time Development of Relativistic Two-Temperature Plasma with Electron-Positron Pair Production   M. Kim   F. Takahara     373
Current Status of CLIO for the Detection of Gravitational Waves   T. Akutsu   S. Miyoki   T. Uchiyama   K. Yamamoto   M. Ohashi   K. Kuroda   S. Kamagasako   N. Nakagawa   M. Tokunari   K. Kasahara   S. Telada   T. Tomaru   T. Suzuki   N. Sato   T. Shintomi   T. Haruyama   A. Yamamoto   D. Tatsumi   M. Ando   A. Araya   A. Takamori   S. Takemoto   H. Momose   H. Hayakawa   W. Morii   J. Akamatsu     377
Development of an Automatic Birefringence Measuring Device of Mirror Substrates, for LCGT   M. Tokunari   H. Hayakawa   K. Yamamoto   T. Uchiyama   S. Miyoki   M. Ohashi   K. Kuroda     382
Quasar Luminosity Function from Recent Observations   K. Ichikawa     388
Scientific Program     393

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