Energy...(What?!): Invisible Powers Explained

Energy...(What?!): Invisible Powers Explained

by Gigi Gallaway


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Energy is a big deal. This is a groundbreaking book because energy is an important part of every human being as well as all living things. By understanding energy we can be, and will be, far healthier, happier and more connected. Energy…(WHAT?!) is a book about the energies of life. This is not the kind of energy that powers houses or builds muscles though; it’s about the parts-of-life energy that few people understand. If you have no idea what I mean, then please know this book is perfect for you.

Energy is everywhere. It’s within and outside of our bodies, and in many different forms. Some examples of this energy are meridians (that flow and can be adjusted through acupuncture and reflexology), auras (clouds of energy that surround the body) and chakras (the 7 vertical energy wheels of color that run up the body like your spine). We’ve all heard these discussed here and there, but Energy…(What?!) brings them all together in an easy to understand way. All life forms have energy, but different life forms carry different energy. Even some inanimate objects carry energy. Feng shui is well known as a way of balancing these energies in a given space. Too often, there is such a complexity to the many different types of energy and what they are able to do, that the subject can be not only confusing, but also seemingly reserved for advanced trained healers and gurus. Energy…(What?!) has been written for the lay people that want an understanding of what these energies are, how they work, and how to understand, learn and use them in one's own life.

This book describes how energy holds all of our information and acts as a communication medium. When we think of communication, we usually think of speaking, hearing, and reading the body language of humans when, in fact, there is really much more there. Communication is about everything we take in from the environment around us. Energy is a silent communicator (which explains why most people are unaware of it). For those who do understand it though, the volume, or frequency, can be adjusted and the energy 'heard'. This is what Alternative Therapeutic Energy Healing does. It reads energy. Energy that not only holds information about ourselves, but which communicates to others, and can be adjusted by those with the knowledge of how to do so. Energy…(What?!) was written by an experienced, world-renowned healer who works with energy, beliefs, and shamanic practices. Gigi Gallaway also leads various workshops that teach how to communicate and understand the information held within therapeutic energy.

Energy is an essential part of who we are and what we believe. Energy…(What?!) is meant to awaken people to the important understanding and work of belief healing and adjustment using energetic means. By understanding and educating ourselves we can then adjust who we are, and the world around us, into the highest and best place possible. The Energy…(What?!) reader is going to come away from this book with a fuller understanding of the importance of energy and very likely is going to feel really, really great.

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ISBN-13: 9781478780236
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Publication date: 12/07/2016
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