Energy Science And Technology Volume-7 (Bioenergy)

Energy Science And Technology Volume-7 (Bioenergy)

by Ram Prasad, Sri Sivakumar

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Biomass is the plant matter created by photosynthesis process in which water and carbon dioxide in presence of solar energy is converted into organic matter. Biomass includes anything that is not a fossil fuel and is bio-organic based. The use of fuel wood collected from natural forests for bioenergy production is as old as fire itself and in many undeveloped societies is still a major source of energy. Bioenergy has gained great attention in recent past due to environmental considerations and the increase in worldwide energy demand. Bioenergy is clean because it has negligible content of sulfur, nitrogen and ash-forming constituents resulting in lower emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot than conventional fossil fuels. In addition, bioenergy is carbon dioxide neutral since, when burnt, only the carbon dioxide collected during its growth is released into the atmosphere. The volume 7 analyzes the bioenergy as a sustainable and renewable energy option. A partial list of the topics covered in this volume is as follows: o Bioenergy for environmental sustainability o Biomass as a potential sustainable source of energy o Energetic potential of plant biomass as a renewable source of befouls o Bibfuls: a step towards green energy o Liquid bibfuls usable in motorized transport o Conversion of biomass into conventional fuel o Catalytic conversion of biomass into befouls and value added chemicals o Biomass conversion technologies for low biomass producing countries o Thermal behaviours in biomass to befoul conversion o Natural zealots as catalysts for befoul production o Befoul production by lignolytic enzymes o Conversion of eucalypt forestry waste residues to bibfuls o Befoul production from waste of starting dates in Algeria o Bioethanol production from lignocelluloses agricultural waste in Indonesia o Bioethanol from agro-industrial residues as feedstock o Production and characterization of ethyl ethanoate from cassava peel o Technological aspects and environmental consequences of biodiesel o Non-catalytic transesterification reaction for biodiesel production o Sustainable microalgae biotechnology for biodiesel production o Innovative microalgae utilization with enhanced process integration o Biodiesel from waste cooking oil: elaboration and combustion modeling o Production of biodiesel from waste frying oil using heterogeneous catalyst The volume 7 contains 33 chapters from 84 researchers and/or academicians representing 21 nations, namely Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Egypt, Estonia, France, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain and Turkey giving an overview of the various research activities being carried out in different parts of the world in the field of Bioenergy

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Ram Prasad Graduated In Chemical Engineering From university Of Roorkee (Now Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee) In 1978 And Obtained M. Tech. and Ph.D. Inchemical Engineering From Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur. He Completed a Three Month Special Post Graduate training Course In Petroleum Refining Technology At Indian institute Of Petroleum, Dehradun. After Serving For About three Years In Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (Refineries division), Ram Prasad Joined Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur In 1983 Where He Is Presently Working As Associate Professor and head Of Chemical Engineering Department. He Has Guided 7 Ph.D. And 18 M.Tech. Thesis. He Has Contributed In Encyclopedia Of Chemical Processing and Design, Handbook Of Piping Design and National/International Journals as Well As Conferences. Ram Prasad Has Authored 4 Chemical Engineering books Widely Popular Among Chemical Engineering Students All Across India and South-East Asia. He Is A Member Of The Institution Of Engineers (India) and Life Member Of Indian Institute Of Chemical Engineers, Solar Energy society Of India and Oil Technologists' Association Of India. His Research interests Include Solar Energy Storage, Triglycerides-Based Diesel Fuels, Rheological Behaviours Of Petroleum Products And Fatty Acid Methyl Esters, Separation Of Azeotropic Mixtures By Extractive Distillation And Diffusion distillation And Vapour-Liquid Equilibria. Currently, He Is Working On synthesis And Characterization Of Biofuels And Biolubricants. Ram Prasad can Be Contacted At Rp_Hbti@Yahoo.Co.In.
Sri Sivakumar Has Done B. Sc (Chemistry) From Manomaniam Sundaranar university, Tamilnadu In 1993 Followed By B.Sc. (Tech) And M.Sc. (Tech) In Chemical Technology From University Of Institute Of chemical Technology, Mumbai In 1997 And 2001, Respectively. Sri Sivakumar Obtained His Ph.D. From university Of Victoria, Canada In 2006. He Was A postdoctoral Associate At The Centre For Nanoscience And nanotechnology, University Of Melbourne, Australia From 2006 To 2008. Sri Sivakumar Joined Department Of chemical Engineering, Indian Institute Of Technology, kanpur In November 2008 Where He Is Presently Working As Associate professor. He Has Also Worked In Industry For Two Years After His B.Sc.(Tech). His Research Areas Include Development Of Multifunctional nano materials Such As Lanthanide Nano particles, Polymer/Carbon Capsules, Semiconductor Nanoparticles, Metal Clusters, Etc. For Applications Such as solid-State Lightings, Catalytic Reactions, Solar Hydrogen Generation, Fuel cells, Particular Drug Delivery And Bio-Imaging. Sri Sivakumar Has Guided 1 Ph.D And 17 M.Tech. Thesis Till Now. Currently 14 Ph.D. Research Scholars and 7 M. Tech Students Are Involved In Various Research Activities In His laboratory. He Has 25 Research Publications In International Peer Reviewed journals. Sri Sivakumar Can Be Contacted At Srisiva@Iitk.Ac.In.

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