Energy Transcendence: A Guide for Living Beyond the Ordinary Range of Perception

Energy Transcendence: A Guide for Living Beyond the Ordinary Range of Perception

by Larry Lytle


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Energy is everywhere. Everything in and of the universe is energy, including, but not limited to those things you can see, such as, the material things around you and the bodies of all creatures including, humans. Energy extends well beyond what you can see and even into the depths of the unknown - the black hole. Energy is before you and around you and in you as you read these lines. It is there waiting to be tapped into and utilized. The most important and misunderstood and misinterpreted energy is thought. For most people it seems nearly impossible not to think. Unfortunately, an estimated 80% of people's thoughts are negative. Negative thoughts are counter productive to mental and physical health and wellbeing as well as longevity of the material body.

Energy Transcendence not only gives you a background in energy but it also gives you answers to pave your road back to a healthier happier YOU. The breathing and meditation exercises may seem hard at first, but keep trying. Once achieved, you will be able to handle and control stress, even though you may not understand the full meaning of the word "stress". A more complete understanding of stress is found by listening to Dr Lytle's Healing Light DVD on Proprioception to the Brain

Everyone is unique and will approach a book like this in his or her own way. Here are some suggestions on how you can extract the most from Energy Transcendence. The first part of this book is background and is non-interactive; in contrast, the chapters on breathing and psycho-physical rehearsal require your participation. I am a messenger for Jack Schwarz and Buddy Frumker from which much of the knowledge and wisdom in this book is gleaned with embellishment from your author.

If you are like me, you may want to read the table of contents, the preface and chapter 1 on transcendence, and then go directly to the interactive part of the book. Unless you are already a skilled meditator, you may want to try the quick meditation techniques in chapter 7, and then delve more into chapter 9 on psycho-physical rehearsal and chapter 10 to begin practicing your breathing rhythms. For the very busy person, the most important chapter is 12 on Transcendence with low level lasers. Other readers may intuitively and immediately know Energy Transcendence is exactly what they have been waiting for and will begin to devour it.

Learning to meditate was a "hard learn" for me until I began the "count the single breath" method explained in chapter 7. Try this method first. If it works for you, it is a quick way to energy transcendence and balance. But to get the most out of meditation it is necessary to go through the book exactly as it's written. In this way, you'll get the background material necessary to understand and benefit from the exercises and meditations.

Begin practicing the exercise explained appendix 1 as soon as possible.

Good luck on the wonderful journey that lies before you!

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