Energy Transfer Dynamics: Studies and Essays in Honor of Herbert Fröhlich on His Eightieth Birthday

Energy Transfer Dynamics: Studies and Essays in Honor of Herbert Fröhlich on His Eightieth Birthday

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987)

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Energy Transfer Dynamics: Studies and Essays in Honor of Herbert Fröhlich on His Eightieth Birthday by Terence William Barrett

On three occasions and at different locations, conferences were held to honor the eightieth birthday of Professor Herbert Frohlich: on the 18th December, 1985, in Liverpool, England; on the 14th February, 1986, in Stuttgart, Germany; and on the 8th March, 1986, on the Palm Coast, Florida. This Festschrift is a compilation of the papers of those conferences. Frohlich's choice of problems, from the earliest days, was couched in the phy­ sics of intrinsically interacting systems of excitation. One example, in which he set the course of research which is still followed, concerned dielectric breakdown, developed from the 1930's over several decades. The interacting systems are the electrons (receiving energy from an electric field) and lattice atom motion (taking energy from the electrons via "electron-phonon" interaction, hence heat dissipa­ tion). There is a threshold field above which the latter cannot keep up with the former, and the combined system (electrons plus phonons) "runs away"; that is to say, collectively it switches to a new state.

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ISBN-13: 9783540175025
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 06/02/1987
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987
Pages: 352
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Table of Contents

I Physics.- 1. Nonadiabatic Processes in Surface Physics.- 2. Dielectrics - the Fröhlich Connection.- 3. Some comments on the Role of Electrodes in Dielectric Breakdown of Solids.- 4. Multipolar Fluctuations in a Dielectric Sphere.- 5. Nonlinear Physics of Electronic and Optical Materials for Submicron Device Applications.- 6. Relativistic Characteristics of Electrons in Simple Nonparabolic Energy Bands.- 7. Breakdown of Invariants in Nonlinear Systems.- 8. Dynamics of Interacting Electrons in Aperiodic Solids.- 9. Quantum Statistical Basis of Thermodynamics with Phase Structure.- 10. On Molecular Control.- 11. Structure of Liquid 1-alkanols and Some Isomers.- 12. Surface Transport in Time and Frequency Domains.- 13. Absolute Entropy and the Problem of Microscopic Measurement.- 14. From Theoretical Physics to Biology: the Forward Path of Theory with Herbert Fröhlich.- II Biophysics.- 15. On Davydov Solitons at 310.- 16. Comparisons of Optical Absorption by Impurity Center and by Polarons in Crystalline Acetanilide.- 17. The Vibrational Soliton: an Experimental Overview.- 18. Long-lived and Large-coherence Length Excitations in the DNA Double Helix.- 19. Far Infrared Spectra of Biomolecules.- 20. Spectral Dimensions of Paramagnetic Proteins.- 21. The Role of Chaos in Biological Systems.- 22. Non-Thermally Excited Modes and Free Energy Transduction in Proteins and Biological Membranes.- 23. Herbert Fröhlich, and the New Biophysics of Cooperativity.- 24. Opposite Long-range Interactions Between Normal and Malignant Cells.- 25. Hopping Charge Carriers in Molecular Crystals and Biopolymers: the Fröhlich Connection.- 26. Cellular Molecular Processes Driven by Cell-Generated AC Electric Field.- 27. Evidence for AC Fields from Living Biological Cells.- 28. On Morphogenesis in Living Systems.- 29. Generalities: Living Systems and Dielectrics.- 30. Dielectric Spectroscopy, Dielectrophoresis and Field Interactions with Biological Materials.- 31. Condensed Matter Physics and the Biology of the Future.- Publications of H. Fröhlich from 1930–1985.

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