Engendering Human Security: Feminist Perspectives

Engendering Human Security: Feminist Perspectives



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ISBN-13: 9781842777794
Publisher: Zed Books
Publication date: 03/06/2007
Pages: 352
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Thanh-Dam Truong is Associate Professor in Women, Gender and Development Studies at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands. Saskia Wieringa is director of the International Information Center and Archives for the Women's Movement in Amsterdam and also an affiliated senior researcher at the University of Amsterdam. Amrita Chhachhi is Lecturer in the Women, Gender and Development Studies at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands.

Table of Contents

Gender Questions in the Human Security Framework


Part I: Human Security, Gender and the Body

1. Gendering Transitional Justice:
Experiences of Women in Sri Lanka and Timor
Leste in Seeking Affirmation and Rights - SUNILA ABEYSEKERA

2. Reproductive Rights and Gender Justice in the Neo-Conservative Shadow - GITA SEN

3. Gender Power Dynamics in Jamaica's Ghetto Trap:

4. The New Regulation of Prostitution in the Netherlands - JOYCE OUTSHOORN

Part II: Human Security, Work and Care

5. Combating Trafficking in Women and Children:
A Gender and Human Rights Framework - NOELEEN HEYZER

6. The Politics and Culture of Care:
Some Issues in the Netherlands - CARLA RISSEEUW

7. The Globalisation of Domestic Care Services - RACHEL KURIAN

8. From State Duty to Women's Virtue:
Care under Liberalisation in Vietnam - THANH-DAM TRUONG

Part III: Human Security:
Prospects for Feminist Engagements

9. Globalisation, Social Movements and Feminism:
Coming Together at the World Social Forum - VIRGINIA VARGAS

10. Measuring Women's Empowerment:
Developing a Global Tool - SASKIA WIERINGA

11. Eroding Citizenship:
Gender, Labour and Liberalisation in India - AMRITA CHHACHHI

12. The Plasticity of Gender in Social Policy Formation - PATRICIA MOHAMMED

13. Engendering Science and Interdisciplinary
Environmental Research for Environmental Security:
The Case of the Nariva Swamp - RHODA REDDOCK


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