Engine & Drivetrain Performance Math (Volume Two)

Engine & Drivetrain Performance Math (Volume Two)

by Vincent W Robinson
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Engine & Drivetrain Performance Math (Volume Two)is an automotive book for Street and Race Track applications. This book is for the experienced and inexperienced engine & drivetrain builders. Instead of guesswork or taking someone's word which may yield inaccurate results, this book can help assist in giving a closer approximation by providing knowledge that helps you to understand and calculate many engine & drivetrain factors for optimum performance. It includes information, illustrations, photos, graphs, tables, and example calculations. This book is for all makes of cars that have a 4-stroke normally aspirated gasoline engine and associated drivetrain with rear wheel drive. This book can also be applied to any 4-stroke normally aspirated gasoline engine regardless of whether a car has rear wheel drive or not.The information in this book primarily covers engine speed, piston acceleration, air mass efficiency, air-fuel flow & air-fuel ratio, intake and exhaust valve timing & lift, intake manifolds, subsonic and sonic intake flow, engine & rear wheel torque, engine & rear wheel horsepower, rear tire force, linear impulse, linear acceleration & deceleration, and "g"- acceleration.

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ISBN-13: 9780964302488
Publisher: Robinson Publishing
Publication date: 02/26/2014
Pages: 138
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